V I R A G O   F I T N E S S

A Nonprofit Activewear Brand with a Mission to
Promote Healing Through Fitness.

Virago means "a person of extreme strength and spirit", and through our activewear sales, programs,
campaigns and events, we rally our community to use fitness for post-traumatic growth.




by Brittney Hogan, a surviving spouse of a fallen United States Marine. Brittney's late Husband, LCpl Hunter Hogan, was killed in Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012. After his death, Brittney hit rock bottom until finally using fitness as a way to cope and it completely saved her life. She started Virago to inspire others
to use fitness for post-traumatic growth.



The F.I.T. Project

F.I.T. stands for "Fitness Is Therapy".
We partner with fitness instructors, gyms and studios nationwide to host free fitness classes open to anyone and everyone in order to spread awareness about the benefit of fitness for physical, emotional and mental wellness.

F.I.T. Sponsorship

 "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" - Socrates. 
We partner with fitness professionals all over the country to offer 3 month fitness sponsorships to men and women struggling with life's obstacles.

Operation virago

 We plan to build a sustainable factory in America to produce all of our products in-house and hire mainly Veterans and their families to work for us. We are in the early stages of this program raising money for conceptual design and professional planning.



If you are a studio or gym and would like to retail Virago at your location, we have wholesale options available. Give your customers the opportunity to shop quality apparel while giving back to
a worthy cause.


Host a free fitness class

If you are a studio or gym and would like to host a free fitness class for the F.I.T. Project, let's get started! Get your gym in front of a new audience and offer them the chance to experience growth
through fitness.

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If you believe in our mission and want to align your company with a socially responsible nonprofit organization, let's talk! Donate a portion of your proceeds to Virago, sponsor a fundraising event, or tell us your other partnership ideas.


A survivor of domestic abuse and self-hate, an injured wrestler whose wife suffered a miscarriage, the widow of a Marine turned Firefighter, a combat Army Veteran suffering from PTSD, a brain injury survivor, and a once homeless teen scrambling to support his family. What do these six people share in common? 

Even through the trials and tribulations of their lives, they showed the utmost strength in the face of adversity and continued to push through. They turned to fitness of all types to help them go on, and now they are sharing their incredible stories with the world in hopes to inspire others to do the same. They are VIRAGO.