Deca-durabolin for Weight Loss

Deca-durabolin for Weight Loss

Active substance of the product

The active ingredient of the preparation is nandrolone decanoate, which is the most effective and popular steroid today. The ampoule additionally contains peanut oil and benzyl alcohol. Nandrolone molecule in its chemical composition is similar to testosterone, but the shorter chain of carbon atoms in its structure makes it more like progesterone, we should note that this fact influences the less pronounced androgenic properties of the steroid.

In addition, if we continue comparing it to testosterone, we note that, over time, the testosterone molecule transforms into dihydrotestosterone, a powerful androgen capable of causing various side effects, while the nandrolone molecule converts into dihydronandrolone, a weak androgen with almost no side effects. Thus, at the beginning of the last century, scientists developed a very effective drug, which at first was used more for medical purposes and already later found application in sports.

Deca Durabolin first became available as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilders in 1962. Since then, its popularity has been growing at a breakneck pace. What is the main secret of the drug? It has a very powerful anabolic action, while its androgenic effect, so undesirable for many athletes, is virtually absent. nandrolone decanoate is chemically very similar to testosterone. But it is fundamentally different in its qualities. For the best for the bodybuilder. On our website you can always buy deca durabolin at a reasonable price and genuine quality.

“Deca has the ability to accumulate water in the connective tissue. Therefore, Deca Durablin is recognized as a remedy in bodybuilding. In addition, the drug in question relieves joint pains, even capable of eliminating them completely. They often occur during strength training. “Deca” blocks cortisol receptors, as a result of which there is less of it in the connective tissue and muscle cells. Deca is also prescribed to strengthen bones, improve immunity, and increase red blood cell mass. For joints, “Deca-durablin” is also recommended. The drug strengthens, eliminates pain, unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Losing weight with Deca-Durabolin plus diet

Losing weight with Deca-Durabolin plus diet

Non-surgical weight loss is achieved primarily through a rational diet and the use of sports nutrition, with exercise, pharmacology, daily routines, and other factors that play a role in the treatment of obesity making a secondary contribution. This article summarizes current scientific knowledge to provide clear recommendations for effective weight loss. Also read: “Why I can’t lose weight”.

A weight loss diet is an individualized meal plan designed to help you lose weight. Studies show that the maximum effectiveness is achieved with a low-carbohydrate, low-fat and low-calorie diet.[1][2] After studying many weight loss diets, scientists at the Weizmann Institute concluded that no universal diet exists, because what is good for one person can ruin the figure for another.[3] Therefore, having decided to lose weight with a particular diet, it is necessary to strictly monitor changes in fat mass and hormonal levels.

This article focuses on the data, repeatedly tested in practice and in controlled studies, that achieve the best results in weight loss. This is not even a specific diet, but rather an accessible guide to creating a personalized program that works for you. Undoubtedly, you can successfully use other diets as well, but ignoring the following recommendations will reduce the effectiveness of the weight loss program. In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor before a radical weight loss.

Who is suitable for this diet? Anyone who is overweight, regardless of gender, age and type of activity, can reduce fat mass to the desired weight if they follow the recommendations. The article provides universal advice that has a solid evidence-based foundation, while at the same time paying great attention to safety. The diet can continue indefinitely, depending on your initial condition and goals.

DECA DURABOLIN CURSE of intake for weight loss

DECA DURABOLIN CURSE of intake for weight loss

Administered v/m, in an average dose of 50 mg, once every 3 to 4 weeks. If necessary, increase to 100 mg. In children: 0.4 mg/kg every 3-4 weeks. The therapy duration is up to 12 months; if necessary the therapy can be repeated after a 4-week break. During treatment of severe states (including breast cancer, refractory anemia) higher doses determined by therapeutic effect and comparison of risks and benefits of therapy might be required. Treatment is carried out against a background of protein-rich diet. In anemia (simultaneously with Fe drugs), 100-200 mg (50-100 mg for women) once a week, to stimulate anabolic processes, 50-200 mg (50-100 mg for women) once every 1-4 weeks, and for children aged 2-13 years, 25-50 mg once every 3-4 weeks. In breast carcinoma (nandrolone phenpropionate) – 50-100 mg once a week. The duration of treatment is individual. In anemia against hyperazotemia in CP and as additional drugs against a background of cytostatic therapy is prescribed in dose up to 75 mg. In severe CPN – 50 mg once a week. I/m injections should be made deeply, mainly into gluteal muscles.

When it comes to steroids, there is perhaps no more versatile drug than Deca-Durabolin. Not only does it provide significant muscle gains, but it also has the ability to act as a powerful fat burner. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to bulk up and lose weight at the same time.
A study published in the “Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness” found that subjects who supplemented with Deca-Durabolin lost more body fat than those who didn’t. In addition, they also gained more muscle mass. This makes Deca-Durabolin an excellent choice for those looking to loose weight in a short period of time.

Athletes and bodybuilders have been using Deca-Durabolin for weight loss for years. It is a bulking steroid, but it can be used for cutting as well. One of the benefits of using Deca-Durabolin is that it helps to burn fat while preserving muscle mass. It also helps to increase strength and energy levels.

The drug is aimed at gaining muscle mass. It is profitable to combine it with appropriate steroids: methane, testosterone. It is important to include an anabolic steroid with high androgenic activity. This is a testosterone ester, such as enanthate. It is especially useful in combination with deca durabolin. Deca durabolin, although it does not leave the phenomenon of aromatization behind, the drug has a high progestagenic activity, due to which fluid retention is observed. To extinguish this effect, you can include stanozolol in the course. And to preserve muscle mass in the second half of the cycle durablin deca is replaced by boldenone or metenolone.

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