Samantha Poccia - MA


Boston, MA


IG / @wellbysamantha
T / @wellbysamantha


Fitness Instructor for Bootcamp + Spin


How Samantha uses fitness to turn her struggles into strength

"After graduating college I moved to Boston and started working full time at a market research agency. I didn't really know what I wanted to do career wise, but this seemed to be a good job. I loved who I was working with, but I did not like the work. Everyday I dreaded going to the office because I did not want to spend hours doing something I was not passionate about. I started to make fitness a big priority in my day as a way to do something for myself. I felt that, at my job, I was spending my time doing work for other people, and fitness was "me" time. I soon fell in love with it and decided that I should turn my career path to the health industry, and that's just what I did!"


"I have donated my hair to Locks of Love 4 times. I wanted to give back to people who have gone through horrible sickness any way I could. Unfortunately I'm prone to fainting, so I have been too nervous to donate blood (but maybe one day!). My hair happens to grow really fast, so I have donated it numerous times. I have gotten other people to donate as well! I love being able to help in this small way."