Matthew Hicks - OH


Geneva, OH


IG / @matt_hicks03
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Weight Lifting


How Matthew Uses fitness to turn his struggles into strength

"I was active duty Marine Corps for 4 years and did 2 combat tours in Afghanistan. On my second deployment, two of my good friends were killed in action. Like most people that lose someone close to them I took it pretty hard, and I turned to alcohol as a release. After punishing my body for some time, I decided that it just wasn't working for what I wanted and still had everything pent up inside. So I started going back to the gym. When I was deployed my buddies would come in and joke around with me while I worked out and I would stop what I was doing just to dance to a song they were playing. So for me the gym gets me close to those moments again. It relieves my stress and brings me happiness especially when I can't get it elsewhere."


"Most people know everything about me. I am an open book."