Marilyn Guzman - CA


Maywood, CA


IG / @marilyn_gman


Fitness Motivator / Weight Lifting / Hiking


"At 18 years of age I became pregnant with my first daughter and shortly after got married. My former Husband had joined the military and a year later I moved to Fort Bragg, NC with him and our 3 month old, Cailyn. With all of these life changes, I developed anxiety and depression, and without knowing, I was self-medicating with alcohol. We lived there for 2 years before returning to our hometown, Los Angeles. At age 22 I had my second baby girl, Alexy. For the most part, my former Husband and I were happy but my depression and substance abuse started to become an issue. Our relationship become a war zone, and at age 24 he decided to walk out. I continued to abuse alcohol, and shortly after began to abuse cocaine. The Cocaine wasnt enough anymore, so I turned to something worst, Meth. I used Meth everyday while somehow trying to live a normal life. Nobody knew what I was up to, but sure enough it started to catch up to me and I ended up losing my job. However, I kept fighting because deep down inside I knew I had to provide for my girls. Then the addiction grew worse. In 2016 I lost a total of 3 jobs due to my drug and alcohol addiction. Deep in my heart I knew that lifestyle wasn't what I wanted for me and for my children, so I turned to God. I kept falling back every time I drifted away from church, yet each time I got back up and continued to fight, and God has lifted me up in ways you can't imagine. Shortly after I started to work out and motivate my friends to work out with me. Now I am free from everything, I am sober! I AM FREE! God and fitness has kept me on the right path to sobriety. I am 25 years old now, and am living a life full of great opportunities and blessings. My beautiful daughters are now 7 and 3 years old and I know I will continue to make them proud! They are the reason I seeked change for my life. I just want to let everyone know that if your will is to change, GOD will change you and he can work miracles in your life and provide with you with the tools to lead you down the right path!"


I am a tom boy at heart.