Alondra Gonzalez - TX


Palacios, TX


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Running / Hiking / Trail Running


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"In 2013, I got into a bad wreck (which was always my biggest fear) that completely turned my life upside down. That same day, they informed my boyfriend that I had been taken to the hospital and he ended up not caring and left me. I was heartbroken and in physical pain. I was taken to my parents home where I stayed in bed for a week. I was forced to quit my job since I had injured my back and I worked lifting heavy boxes at a fish farm. I had nightmares every single night about the accident and this lasted for months. I lost my appetite and got down close to 90 lb. If I tried to eat, I would throw up. My parents wanted to take me to counseling but I rejected that. I knew all they would do is give me anti-depressants pills and I wanted to stay away from such things. Instead I began taking time for myself and went on walks while listening to music. I would see people jogging at the bay and thought I should give that a try. Oh boy, would I only last 15 seconds trying to do that! I started to research how to jog/run. I learned various techniques and all about how to get energy, which of course was to eat right. I began meal prepping and eating heathy. I bought a food planner to keep me on track, and eventually I started to look heathy again. I then started running and fell in love with it. The feeling when I was finished was amazing! The sensation of being able to run forward no matter how much my legs felt like pudding in the middle was satisfying. It made me realize how strong I had became, not just with running but with life. One mile became 2, 3, 4 and so on. Running has taught me that no matter how tough life is in the middle, you have to keep going. The feeling of knowing how much my body and mind are able to do now is unbelievable! I became a very strong minded person. I turned my depression into something life changing. I became a long distance runner, and my own coach. I am now running races alongside my fiancé and pushing along the stroller that carries our little girl. The struggle I went through developed my strength today."



Im a huge Nintendo fan and love to collect all kinds of little items such as figurines, Nintendo items and old letters. I love taking pictures of everyday life and I always like to keep things organized.