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Alisa’s Story

1. Tell us about a time you struggled: 

It was about a year and a half ago. My first experience with death. I was responsible for making the decision to take my father off life support after he unexpectedly suffered from a brain aneurysm. I spoke with him on Sunday (full of life like usual), received a panicked call Monday, flew to OR that night, took him off life support and sat by his bedside for the next 48 hours until he passed. Two months after he passed I had to euthanize my 15 year old fur buddy because her poor hips couldn’t keep up with her bright spirit anymore. Two weeks after she passed, we had to emergency euthanize our 8 year old cat while he was screaming in pain. It turns out he had a blood clot that lodged into his back end, which caused him to lose all blood flow from the waist down. All of this happened within a time span of two months. It was a lot to take in and hard to process. 

2. When was your breaking point, and what got you into fitness? 

I started my fit journey a year before all of this happened, but unfortunately, due to it, I fell into a severe depression a few months after. I didn’t even realize that I was depressed, but I was also so distraught that I didn’t realize that I gave up on everything — paying the bills, making dinner, cleaning, working out, etc. I gave up on everything. My husband encouraged me to go to the doctor and she had a plan to get me back on track which involved getting back to lifting again. 

3. Tell us about how fitness helped you cope with your struggles?

Fitness has given me an outlet when I am struggling. It helps me take all that heart-aching energy and put it back into myself as something positive. I always feel good afterwards, whether it was a kick ass or average workout session. 

4. What advice do you have for others struggling with a similar issue?

Life throws you unexpected curve balls sometimes and although you are are never ready for them, at some point you have to accept it, deal with, adapt to it and move forward in life with the best possible attitude. It’s the only way to survive and live a happy fulfilled life. Move forward. 

5. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Yes, have compassion for others in life. It takes so much more energy to be mean and hateful. It doesn’t feel good inside to anyone. Have some compassion for a friend or a stranger. It’s true, you really don’t know someone else’s story and they don’t know yours. It’s better to just be kind. We are all just trying to live our lives as best as we can. 

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