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"As a child, I was a victim of sexual abuse which resulted in low self esteem, cutting, finding comfort in men, and doing anything I could to fit in even if it meant damaging my self esteem further. Because of this, I became pregnant at age 19. After my sons birth, I suffered from an eating disorder because of my weight at 230 lbs. I had zero self respect or self worth, and I was a walking, talking, ticking time bomb. In order to distract myself from my issues which I refused to face, I threw myself into more chaotic, unhealthy situations. 2 marriages later, ending in adultery and domestic violence which took months to finally walk away from, I hit rock bottom. I let myself be used and accepted way less than I deserved. The combination of all these things led to PTSD, depression and anxiety which hindered every aspect of my life. Until one day, I decided to make a change. I turned to fitness, and because of the gym, friends and the strength I received daily from the man upstairs, I continued to move forward. Because of the hard times, I have learned to appreciate the good times that much more. I am a former US Marine, a mother, and a cosmetologist in training. I am stronger because of my struggles and I hope to inspire others to be as well. I am Virago."


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I've had a tattoo removed by cutting it off.