Elizabeth Skwiot: Circuit Training with a Circus Flare

Turns out you do not have to run away to the circus to get a taste of one of the most physically demanding lifestyles on the planet. Team Virago joined circus performer and literary PhD turned Coach and Founder of Cirque-It Fitness, Elizabeth Skiwot, to get the details on our most acrobatic F.I.T. class yet and to find out how she created this workout. Join us for the FREE CIRQUE IT FITNESS CLASS NOVEMBER 3rd at 11 am and read on to find out how this new fitness craze was born.

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When did your passion for aerial fitness begin?

My fitness journey started practically out of the womb! I was always climbing on things as a child. Everything was an apparatus. Later in life, I performed semi-professionally as a circus performer on the aerial silks and worked as a circus coach between getting my Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Comparative Literature. I needed extra work as an adjunct professor, so I turned to Pilates and personal training. I ended up bringing my circus knowledge into my sessions with clients, and they loved it.

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What is the physical focus of the class?

Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) is a full-body cardio and resistance workout that incorporates flexibility, stability, and balance training. Think functional fitness and circuit training with a circus flair.


What is the mental focus of the class?

In our professional workshop, we teach our coaches to think of "CIF" (Cirque-It Fitness) as Commitment,Intention, and Focus. All movements in class should be done to align with these elements. In essence, we want our clients to train like athletes, regardless of their fitness level. This naturally engenders confidence, personal empowerment, and inner strength.

What makes this class exceptional to you?

I wrote the entire program (with Linda Shelton, co-creator of STRONG by Zumba and Jillian Michaels' BODYSHRED) and I co-invented and patented a piece of equipment we use in class. In fact, fitness professionals can - and have - come to one of our workshops to earn continuing education credits AND bring CIF to their club.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to open the studio in Spring of 2018?

Everything took longer than anticipated...I always want everything done yesterday, so it's been an exercise in patience.

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We want everyone to feel welcome here and for the workout to be so focused that times go by quickly - and you don't even realize you get the workout of your life.#TeamCIF is a diverse body of people all seeking to reconnect with themselves and others while striving to be their best and imagine new possibilities for themselves. They act with Commitment, Intention, and Focus, and they welcome all walks of life---come one, come all!

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