Yoga by the Ocean

Last Sunday, January 17th, Virago Fitness and On Track Wellness hosted a free one hour session of Yoga on Mission Beach. Andrea Hooper led us in a beautiful vinyasa flow, and we all left feeling peaceful, flexible and ready for our weeks. A huge thanks to Andrea for volunteering her talent and teaching the class for free, and another huge thanks for the 30 men and women that showed up to bend with us. This was our best turn out yet, and we will definitely be doing this again soon. If you missed it, or loved it, make sure to sign up with TEAM VIRAGO to receive emails that will notify you when we have upcoming events. 

If you love yoga or are interested in trying it, Andrea Hooper teaches a free yoga class at Yoga Six in Point Loma. Visit their website for more information or contact Andrea directly. 

Andrea Hooper

Here are some great photos of Yoga by the Ocean. Enjoy!