Winner of HD Rifle Chosen!


This is the second year the HD Hogan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship Fund has raffled off a rifle in honor of Hunter Hogan. This is also the second year that winner picked was a marine that fought with Hunter in Afghanistan where he was killed. We cannot thank everyone enough for your donations and contributions over the last three years. In two and a half years, the HD Hogan MRSF has award 15 $1000 scholarships to High School Rodeo Seniors, and by the end of this month they will have given out 3 more. 

Thank you to SD Tactical and Five Toes Customs for making a hell of a rifle and making all of this possible. Hunter would be so proud of these badass weapons. A HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets. All of that money goes straight into the scholarship fund so we can continue doing what we are doing, and keep Hunter's legacy alive. Last but not least, a huge thank you to the four anonymous donors that bought raffle tickets and put the names of Marines on them. 

Congratulations Brandon Moore! You deserve this rifle. Let's go shoot ours together!  Click the button below to watch Steve Hogan and Karah Joyner pick the winning raffle ticket with Brandon's name on it.