Pilates of San Diego

Pilates can be intimidating for those of us who have never had the pleasure of the most intense core workout of your life. When you first walk into this pilates studio the first thing your eyes are immediately drawn to are of course the pilates machines that bare a resemblance to an early medieval torture apperatus. The second thing you notice about this studio is the location and the the amazing Downtown view of the convention center and the bay.

The serenity of the studio's ambiance will melt away any inhibitions. The colors are calming, and even though you are stretching and strengthening muscles and ligaments you did not even know you had, the décor makes you feel like you are in a new age spa. Everything smells like fresh laundry and the reformers look brand new. Mirrors and windows along every side of the studio make the room feel light and provides you the opportunity to constantly check your positioning or to let your mind drift to the sights of the city while your body goes into overdrive.

There are 8 resistance machines in the studio which are a vital part of modern pilates that use body weight and springs attached to a carriage platform to the core movements. A pilates reformer machine is not an intuitive piece of equipment to use but each part of the workout comes with a lot of fluid instruction from great instructors. The small classes and constant hands reform give each class a semi-private feeling. In some instances you will find yourself balancing on one foot, squatting, and working your arm muscles and before you can look up and ask if you are doing the exercise right, the instructor is already at your side encouraging you to push yourself or adjusting you into that “oh wow I feel it now” moment. The classes are small to ensure that you get the most out of every movement.

Plus your classmates are a blast. “Pilates. is for anyone and everyone!” Smiles Ania London, owner and instructor of Pilates of San Diego. “Half of our members are between 50-75 and the other from 20-45, every one of them with different needs and goals. Since we are located downtown, our members tend to be pretty social and they love a good time! Ask any one of them the best places for happy hour or where to get the best craft beer or cocktail—they know best!”

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Location: Gaslamp District

Address: 310 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Class Size: 5-8

Intensity Level: Crossfit has nothing on pilates


  • Yoga and Barre Classes
  • Barre Certification Training
  • Private Classes
  • Semi Private Classes
  • Small Group Sessions

Cost: Single Class Drop-In: $27.50. View more prices and specials here.

Website: www.pilatesofsandiego.com