BarreBody Pacific Beach

Raise the bar on your fitness routine and shock your muscles into toned ecstasy at BarreBody in Pacific Beach.  The studio is a stones throw away from the shoreline and their workout yields fast results.

The reception area of BarreBody in Pacific Beach is a fun and inviting space with open cubbys to hold your personal items. Before you even take your place at the bar, the receptionist gets your head in the right place: “During your workout you may experience muscle quivering, and that is a good thing. When you feel that, embrace it. It's the feeling of your body changing and your muscles strengthening; lean into it.”

Fundamentals like working from the ground up, long lengthy lines and pulsating encourage deep sweating that is both emotionally and physically cleansing. This style of workout concentrates on isolating specific muscle groups with repetitive movements and long sets of reps. The classes are small, and the instructor uses a microphone to combat the high energy music and sounds of your fellow classmates groaning during one of the most intense muscle isolations you can get in San Diego.

The class revolves around fundamental bellet positioning but this is not your Kindergartner's ballet class. “Baseball players and other professional athletes like to use our techiques to strengthen specific muscle groups and lengthen lines.” says instructor Tatyana who has been with BarreBody since 2013.

And believe me - you can feel it at the bar. As someone who has done every type of fitness training you can imagine, I have never felt the type of toning I experienced in this class, and my butt has never looked better.

BarreBody welcomes anyone of all fitness levels.” Says owner Taylor Hollenkamp. ”It's a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere, where members can come experience a great workout, while also having fun."

If you are looking for a results driven workout with a beachside vibe, add BarreBody to your weekly fitness roster.

Location: Pacific Beach

Address: 1559 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Class Size: Usually about 15-20.

Intensity Level: Repetitions and strength trainging that tone fast and put olympic squats to shame. Get ready to sweat, and quiver.


  • Fresh Hand Towels
  • Clean cute socks avaliable to borrow
  • Cubbies

Cost: Your first class is only $12! Drop in thereafter is $20. Click here for more prices and packages!