Bird Rock Yoga

Bird Rock Yoga is 100% ORGANIC. No fillers, no fluff, just straight up yoga from the soul.

"Every teacher at BRY teaches from their heart and pours so much energy and love into each class" says owner Heather Grisco. "We don't try to be anything that we're authentically not, and that empowers our students to step into their highest selves. Our inspiration comes from being located only 2 blocks from the beach. The ocean is a huge theme in our classes. As the body, breath and spirit learn to move in alignment with nature, we can tap into our natural rhythms and find a strength we never knew was there."

One of the most amazing amenities this studio offers is a full immersion into their seaside culture -- a beach front class taught on the grassy hill overlooking Pacific Beach. The instructor does not use a microphone so class is a little difficult to hear but early on everyone is encouraged to let the scenery inspire them, and if you feel your practice taking you in a different direction than the rest of the class then go with it.  Needless to say it is easy to get inspired during a sun salutation at sunset as the prism of color reflects of the ocean.

Location : Pacific Beach

Class Size(s): Typicaly 10 to 20 people but Sunset yoga on the beach is unlimited.

Intensity Level: Low physical stress with an emphasis on centering your mind and being present in the environment that people literally travel all over the world to bask in.


  • Sunset yoga on the beach
  • Mats for purchase or rent
  • Hot yoga classes in studio
  • changing room
  • Dark and tranquil lounge area

Cost: $16 Single Class / $30 Week - New Students Special: 10 Days for $20 or $65 Unlimited for 1 month - See class schedule and full pricing here.


Bootique Fitness

At 6 am the egg-yolk yellow San Diego sunrise reflects off of the metallic windows of the Downtown skyscrapers and covers the marina in a warm light that turns the water into a sea of gold and green. If you are part of the 6:00 am dawn patrol workout brought to you by Bootique Fitness, you are already breaking a sweat before the sun crests the horizon. If you can survive this very intense workout before most people have a chance to finish their morning coffee, you know it's going to be a great day.

Bootique Fitness, by definition, is a boutique experience. The classes are small and powerful and cater to a very specific type of clientele because Bootique Fitness is a women's only bootcamp based fitness program. In a "man's world" Bootique Fitness gives women the opportunity to push their fitness expectations beyond society's preconceived notions about female fitness in the company of other ladies.  

"A lot of women I've talked with (including myself once upon a time) felt intimidated by most gyms and fitness programs", says instructor and founder Jaylin Allen. "I wanted to create a program that gave these women a reason not to feel intimidated. Since our Personal Training Groups are exclusively for women, we are able to target women's trouble areas more directly than co-ed classes tend to."

 They teach over 25 classes each week in six different locations in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in San Diego, including a Dance Fitness Party that put's your mother's zumba class to shame. They keep the steps easy and the energy high. It's all the best parts about going out to a dance party with your girl friends without creepy guys trying to buy you drinks. "I love Dancing!" screams Jaylin. "Being able to teach Dance Fitness Party is seriously a dream come true."

The Dance Fitness party is a great cardio alternative after a rough Wednesday at work when going to any other gym would feel impossible because your just too worn down.

"Having the classes outside in different parks and inspirational spaces will also shake up your routine. It's hard to beat nature." Says Allen "We're surrounded by water, trees, birds, fresh air, sunshine, refreshing breezes... We are so blessed here in San Diego that we can enjoy the weather year round. In our various outdoor locations, we like to use what's around us like benches, curbs, trees, etc. which adds a fun element of variety. "

The world is your gym when you train with Bootique Fitness.

Location : 6 Different Locations to choose from all around San Diego! Click here to find the closest location to you!

Class Size: "That varies between types of classes but we like to keep all of our classes pretty small so that everyone gets attention and has plenty of room to move. Our yoga classes and Personal Training Group classes are limited to 15 but they average about 8 per class. Dance Fitness Party averages 20 students."

Intensity: Work out like Wonder woman and prepare for a non stop high intensity class no matter what location you are in.


Performance 360 - Crown Point

Performance 360’s Crown Point location is literally feet away from the water and the back wall is all windows, so even when you aren’t sprinting along the seaport’s edge, you can get an amazing harbor view. With an atmosphere boasting a harbor breeze and encouraging phrases on each wall, Performance 360 at Crown Point makes you want to get up and give each work out 100%. However, just a few short years ago its original gym was far from glamorous.

They started out on a self-described “dirty old house boat” with nothing but a hand full of members and a determination to build a program that was based on education and safety instead of quick results. If you ask owners, Dave Thomas and Brian Pritz, they candidly admit that they were considered the joke of the local fitness community when their first location opened. Flash forward to 2016, they have innovated the fitness scene with two great locations in Pacific Beach and Crown Point, and a fitness model centered on education, safety, community, and #BecomingMore, instead of competition.

By joining this gym you are making a commitment, and they make sure you know they are making a commitment in you. Even though Performance 360 is no longer on a house boat they still run a tight ship that includes a very strict “onboarding process” that includes a mandatory number of hours in a one-on-one training session, or at the Dailey Challenge Bootcamp before you can join advanced classes. They have a preset list of goals to teach the fundamentals of explosive movement and Olympic weightlifting to allow you and the coaches you will be relying on to get to know your body. If you think you have what it takes you can even try to test out of the beginners course, but just know these coaches do not mess around with technique and will bump you down to the beginning if they notice that you are about to blow your back out with a kettlebell.

This gym cares passionately about its members. Check out Brian and Dave’s very candid podcast before you sign up, for a little taste of Performance 360’s culture straight from the horse’s mouth. 

Location:  Crown Point  2620 Ingraham Street Suite B, San Diego CA 92109

                 Pacific Beach 4515 Gresham Street, San Diego CA 92109

Class size: Each Location has a cap of 300 members, but with 30-45 min classes every half hour they are able to keep the class size between 18-20 people on average.

Intensity: Two words...Explosive training! “It doesn’t make sense to set a pace and move through the circuit and each muscle movement at that same lumbering pace for 30 min” says trainer Juliana. “When you step up to a box or a bar or a latter, you need to feel like your brain and body are ready to explode into the task set before you.“ For the gyms Daily Challenge class they employ a technique that encourages moving at stead pace between each exercise and then when you get to the next station going balls in. There is an ideal completion WOD time but everyone is encouraged to forget about the clock, or the number of reps and to concentrate on the explosive movements of each station. 


Performance 360 - Pacific Beach

If you are looking for a Pacific Beach Gym come check out this place out.

One of the most amazing classes I have taken during our Month of fitness challenge was definitely the Mobility Class at Performance 360 which was a class that solely encouraged us to slow down, get a deep stretch and to listen to our bodies. It was exactly what I needed after a day of Lyra Yoga and Strength Training. It was a solid hour of rolling out muscles using foam rollers, tennis balls, low impact yoga movement, and wooden poles.

After most circuit boot camps or weightlifting classes, you are always encouraged to take a few minutes to release the lactic acid build up you have accumulated. But how often do any of us stick around to indulge in a deep stretch? The Mobility Class was not only therapeutic but also gave the trainer a chance to break down movements that are too often done incorrectly to explain why a muscle is tight or why a move may feel ineffective. "Unlike other gyms we encourage our members to incorporate rest days into their workouts," says coach Juliana Russel. "The Mobility Class is a great way to prepare your body for a day of rest." I have never experienced anything like it and I have to say that this class literally saved me from a weekend of stiff muscles and a non-stop regiment of Tylenol. Even if you do not get a chance to make it there for the workout that precedes it, this class alone is worth checking out Performance 360 Pacific Beach.

Check out how Performance 360 grew from a 5 member boathouse gym, to a legion of fitness lovers determined to use everyday as an opportunity to #BecomeMore on their Crown Point profile!

Location:  Crown Point  2620 Ingraham Street Suite B, San Diego CA 92109

                 Pacific Beach 4515 Gresham Street, San Diego CA 92109

Class size: Each Location has a cap of 300 members, but with 30-45 min classes every half hour they are able to keep the class size between 18-20 people on average.

Intensity: Two words...Explosive training! “It doesn’t make sense to set a pace and move through the circuit and each muscle movement at that same lumbering pace for 30 min” says trainer Juliana. “When you step up to a box or a bar or a latter, you need to feel like your brain and body are ready to explode into the task set before you.“ For the gyms Daily Challenge class they employ a technique that encourages moving at stead pace between each exercise and then when you get to the next station going balls in. There is an ideal completion WOD time but everyone is encouraged to forget about the clock, or the number of reps and to concentrate on the explosive movements of each station. 



House of Crossfit

By taking a class at House of Crossfit, you are making a pact with yourself to push your body past any expectations you had previously set for yourself. You will lift and move in ways you did not know you could, and it is the most empowering feeling. After working out with HOCF I can understand the Crossfit buzz that has taken over the fitness community.

These WOD's (Work Out of the Day) are intense, well thought out, and monitored intensely by the instructors. “Hour long classes are structured in a manner that promotes group fitness while providing for individual coaching.” Says owner and instructor Sarah. “You are guaranteed to never have a three-day period repeat itself. By no means are we random, rather, constantly varied to help you prepare for anything life throws your way. Gone are the days of the same old boring gym routine.”

The workout was a challenge from the moment the high intensity music kicked in to the last clink of the last barbell drop. “We utilize music and coaching cues to motivate athletes and rely on mechanics to make the good, better and the better, best.” And the team mentality brings out the highest level of effort in everyone in the class. Instead of the owner-member dynamic you find at most gyms, HOCF fosters a coach-athlete relationship that makes attaining your fitness goal an obstacle primed to be overcome.

“At HOCF, we demand the highest level of coaching from our trainers and 100% effort from our athletes.” Owner and instructor Sarah was right there perfecting my technique and encouraging me to push myself. During one of the last rounds she offered to let me sit out a set but I just couldn't do it. Death before do not finish. “All of our members have a common goal; to be a part of a community and not “just a gym". We embrace a community approach towards fitness via relationships amongst members, trainers and their respective families. They often come early and typically stay late. There is something about cheering on the last athlete and offering a friendly high five after a PR that is an environment you will not experience anywhere else.” As one of the last athletes to finish, I can tell you if felt amazing to have this whole gym cheering me on as I finished my last rep, and the huge yell we all let out when I slammed my barbell on the ground made the gym feel electric.


(Get the Women's I AM VIRAGO T-shirt you see above here)

Location: Carlsbad

Address: 3146 Tiger Run Ct. #120, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Class Size: 8-10 is our class average but weekends can have as many as 20 people in a session

Intensity Level: Get ready to be trained like and Olympic athlete.


  • Hero WOD's - Special workout to raise awareness of veteran suicides
  • Cubbies for your belongings
  • Restrooms
  • On site parking
  • All training equipment provided
  • Crossfit community and camaraderie 

Cost: First class is FREE! View pricing and memberships here.


Bulgarian Bag

Point Loma Fitness continues to bring the lastest and greatest in fitness to their members, and one of the newest classes they have added to their instructional roster may look a little unconventional, but is definitely worth checking out. At 9:15 am every Wednesday, instructor Willie will go straight pastoral on your butt in his Bulgarian Bag class.

Bulgarian bag was invented in 2005 to help Olympic wrestlers improve the speed and accuracy of the dynamic and explosive movements that would make them stand out in the competition. This unconventional looking piece of equipment was actually inspired by the infamous Bulgarian shepherds that use to strength train with sheep on their shoulders. Often times they would have to carry a weak or injured animal while with their herd and this became a display of strength in Bulgarian culture. The ovine shape of the bag pays homage to that tradition.

Modern day wrestlers use it to simulate and improve throws, grapples, and full body strength training. This exercise feels awkward at first but by the end of this class you'll feel strong enough to take on any Bulgarian hill-man. When we left Point Loma Fitness we had the type of wrestler's confidence that makes you want to go out and join a local fight club, but we were so sore that our bodies felt like we had been put inside of the Bulgarian bag and beaten severely. This class will shake up any fitness routine that's starting to feel overdone and will strengthen muscles in your back and forearms that you never even knew existed.

(Get the Women's I AM VIRAGO T-shirt you see above here)

Location: Point Loma Sports Club

Address: 2751 Roosevelt Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92106

Class Size(s): Classes vary 5-10 people

Intensity Level: High Intensity

Cost: Included in Point Loma Sports Club Gym Membership (not available to the public)

Click here to sign up for a FREE Day Pass! PLSC does not post prices online. You have to go in and experience the gym for yourself and talk to them about memberships. I must tell you, it is surprisingly inexpensive for all of the amazing perks this gym comes with. Definitely worth it! 


Hotel Del Coronado Mermaid Fitness

The Hotel Del Coronado itself always has a mystical quality about it, with its beautiful soaring towers and Edison era light fixtures, but their fitness center has just become more magical, adding Mermaid Fitness to their long roster of classes this summer available to locals as well as guests.

Mermaid fitness “Yes, in the pool, with actual mermaid tails!” “I was surprised just how sore my abs were after class, there is nothing quite like it.”

Whether you are strengthening your core in Mermaid Fitness or cardio crushing it in a spin class, both of Hotel Del's fitness workouts are just a day at the beach.

Location: Hotel Del Coronado

Address: 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Class Size(s): 20 Mermaids Max

Intensity Level: Beginner


  • Complimentary mermaid fins, towels and fun noodles
  • 15 minute free swim at end of class
  • Restrooms

Cost: Locals pay $15 - All others pay $20

* Mermaid tails are available for purchase in the Hotel Del Mermaid Shop. If you purchase a tail, your first Mermaid Fit class is FREE, and each class thereafter is only $10! Tails are available for men as well. 


Point Loma Sports Club

“You need a third place. A place outside of work, a place outside of home, where you can come and recharge.”

Point Loma Sport's Club owner Gary Rubin has built his temple of wellness on this foundation, and Point Loma Sports Club is that place. As soon as you enter you feel like you have escaped the soul crushing traffic of the 5, and the world of airplanes going over your head. You feel like, for a moment, you can take off all the hats you wear everyday (mother, husband, manager, house keeper) and completely devote yourself to your body's wellness.

The second thing you'll feel is that you're part of the culture. A culture of people that give a damn about themselves and you. The trainers care about you and they care about your personal fitness aspirations. The owner cares about you and Gary Rubin can often be found walking through the different fitness rooms, handing people cool eucalyptus soaked towels and giving out high-fives.

This facility is the future of gym life. The equipment is all new and spread out so that when you begin your work out you have space to extend, instead of the usual rows and rows of tightly packed weight machines that make you feel like a cow on an industrial fitness farm. The cardio machines all have Internet access and even display scrolling banners on the touch screen that show the exercise accomplishments of your fellow gym mates who used that same machine earlier in the week.

The entrance way creates a buffer between this fitness sanctuary and the stress of life outside with waterfalls trickling in the background and every door opening to a new fitness possibility. There is a weight room, spin studio, yoga room, blue light stretching sanctuary, and a cross training room that has everything from sleds and astroturf, to silk ropes hanging from the ceiling. They even provide full-time day care in a room most adults would want to hang out in after work.

The classes are also far from standard. Along side the glow in the dark cycle class, core blaster, and yoga, the instructional roster also includes out of the box fitness experience like Bulgarian Bag and one on one aerial yoga instruction.

“My favorite class taught at Point Loma Sports Club is the Sunday 9am cycle because it always has such amazing energy.” says Group Fitness Director Crystal Richter. “The class is packed with people who love exercise so much they are willing to wake up early on Sunday morning to rock their legs and burn calories with a group of like minded people. “

And this sports club is all about the people. Every new member inquiry begins with a tour of the entire facility and a free day pass, which is genius because once you go in you won't want to leave.

I have never had a more diverse fitness experience in one place.

Location : Point Loma

Address: 2751 Roosevelt Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92106

Class Size(s): Classes vary from 10 to 20 people.

Cycling - 20
Restorative Yogas - 20
Vinyasa/Hatha Yogas - 12
Pilates - 15
Body Pump - 20
Circuit/TRX's - 20
Core - 10

Intensity Level: High Intensity

Your t-shirt will be soaked after any group class from these high intensity fitness envoirnment, but those just getting into or back into fitness should not be scared. Classes are centered around students not competition and trainers will always suggest movements to intensify or scale back work outs.

Cost: You Get What You Pay For (price list here)


  • Full Use of Dynamic Group Class Schedule
  • Refrigerator for of cold Eucalyptus Infused Towels
  • Full Men's and Women's Locker room with sauna
  • Stretching Sanctuary
  • Personal Training
  • Daycare

Cost: Click here to sign up for a FREE Day Pass! PLSC does not post prices online. You have to go in and experience the gym for yourself and talk to them about memberships. I must tell you, it is surprisingly inexpensive for all of the amazing perks this gym comes with. Definitely worth it! 


BarreBody Pacific Beach

Raise the bar on your fitness routine and shock your muscles into toned ecstasy at BarreBody in Pacific Beach.  The studio is a stones throw away from the shoreline and their workout yields fast results.

The reception area of BarreBody in Pacific Beach is a fun and inviting space with open cubbys to hold your personal items. Before you even take your place at the bar, the receptionist gets your head in the right place: “During your workout you may experience muscle quivering, and that is a good thing. When you feel that, embrace it. It's the feeling of your body changing and your muscles strengthening; lean into it.”

Fundamentals like working from the ground up, long lengthy lines and pulsating encourage deep sweating that is both emotionally and physically cleansing. This style of workout concentrates on isolating specific muscle groups with repetitive movements and long sets of reps. The classes are small, and the instructor uses a microphone to combat the high energy music and sounds of your fellow classmates groaning during one of the most intense muscle isolations you can get in San Diego.

The class revolves around fundamental bellet positioning but this is not your Kindergartner's ballet class. “Baseball players and other professional athletes like to use our techiques to strengthen specific muscle groups and lengthen lines.” says instructor Tatyana who has been with BarreBody since 2013.

And believe me - you can feel it at the bar. As someone who has done every type of fitness training you can imagine, I have never felt the type of toning I experienced in this class, and my butt has never looked better.

BarreBody welcomes anyone of all fitness levels.” Says owner Taylor Hollenkamp. ”It's a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere, where members can come experience a great workout, while also having fun."

If you are looking for a results driven workout with a beachside vibe, add BarreBody to your weekly fitness roster.

Location: Pacific Beach

Address: 1559 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Class Size: Usually about 15-20.

Intensity Level: Repetitions and strength trainging that tone fast and put olympic squats to shame. Get ready to sweat, and quiver.


  • Fresh Hand Towels
  • Clean cute socks avaliable to borrow
  • Cubbies

Cost: Your first class is only $12! Drop in thereafter is $20. Click here for more prices and packages!


Xplicit Fitness

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they are genuinely happy that you came, to class. Looking to escape the monotony of polite conversation? Want to hit something, and maybe pretend it's the person driving the tailgaiting mini van behind you? Xplicit Fitness offers a great program centered around dynamic training with a little edge.

If you have the motivation to get up for the 6am Boxing Fusion class, trainers like Michael (one of the most amazing human beings you are likely to meet), will wake up your mind and body by starting off with dynamic stretching and engaging conversation that helps you plan out healthy practices for the rest of your week. By the end of the class the trainers not only know your name but they know your story, and use what they have gotten from your feedback to motivate each participant personally. Not only do you get excellent and challenging circuit training bootcamp, but with each workout you eventually end up at a station where you get to throw on some boxing gloves and get some one-on-one sparing time.

When you walk into the facility you feel like you are in a futuristic fight club workout playground, so check your filter and your grown up responsibilities as the door.

“We are an R-rated playground for adults. Fitness and sarcasm is a catalyst to releasing our inner child for an hour each day” says Owner Chad Yarvitz. “All of our students are working professionals; most of them having to deal daily with people and things that aren't necessarily enjoyable. Our training platform is among the best, and thoroughly planned out with scientific research to back it. What makes us popular, however, is our ability to make everyone feel special and laugh like immature teenagers while training like a professional athlete.”

Location: Mission Gorge

Address: 4780-C Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego, CA 92120

Class size:  12 is the maximum in any one class, but our average class size is around 8

Intensity: Your abs will hurt from laughter and after your first class you wont be able to move your arms for three days, but you will feel like Kimbo Slice.


  • Acupuncture
  • Cycling
  • Dance Jam
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Boxing Fusion
  • Your Butt Getting Kicked

    Cost: Click here to get a FREE trial! View prices and membership packages here.


Yoga One

Have you ever experienced yoga without music? Listening to music has become common place in the modern western practice of yoga, but Yoga One has gone against the norm. This yoga studio allows silence during practice because they feel it lets each student's mind wander and encourages reflection and self-realization. You are so lost in your own head that you don't even realize there's no music playing. 

The space is warm, not Birkram Hot Yoga warm, but warm from the serenity of the people. Natural light pours in from the skylight and for the first time you can feel the sunlight downtown without the shadows of skyscrapers.

Yoga One is a family owned yoga studio the prides itself on diversity, innovation and the phenomenal hugs they give each yogi at the end of class as they leave the quiet sunbathed space and venture back onto the bustling streets below.

“Yoga One is honored to have been enhancing the well-being of San Diego residents and visitors since 2002. Our mission is to help people enjoy healthier, happier lives by providing positive, supportive and honest interactions.”

The studio is tucked away on busy Seventh St, which normally means that parking can be treacherous, but you don't need excellent parking karma to attend this class on time. This member-centric yoga studio offers a downtown parking cheat sheet that even includes ways to get there via public transit and places where parking is free in nearby neighboorhoods.

If you are looking for the most relaxing Shivasana of your life, this is your yoga studio.

Location: Downtown San Diego

Address: 1150 Seventh Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Class Size: “We’re not into numbers as much as we are into individuals” (classes range from


  • Yoga Mats as needed.
  • laughter,
  • Massage Therapy
  • Corporate yoga classes
  • Excellent teacher trainings
  • Phenomenal Hugs

Cost: $18/class. Students, military and senior discount: $13/class. Drop ins are always welcome! More pricing options here.


Fit Athletic- San Diego Locations.

Fit Athletic is a luxurious escape for anyone with a fast paced lifestyle. The energy of the space is vibrant and fun and invites members to disengage from their typical scheduling heavy routines to take a moment to indulge one's body in wellness, and I do mean indulge. The locker rooms are fully stocked with anything you may have forgotten in your gym bag from mouth wash to a full array of deodorizers and post workout amenities you would expect to find at the locker room of any 5 start resort. The walls and corridors are decorated with beautiful canvas paintings that lead you from one group fitness classroom to another like the seductive layout of an art gallery. All three of the San Diego locations have brand new state of the art equipment and friendly staff who are eager to introduce you to a wide range of workout options including group classes like Glow spin and Just Dance (two classes that are just as high energy and fun as their names suggest). There is HIIT and cardio equipment on the rooftop of the Downtown facility and at the Solana location they even offer bootcamps on the beach. No matter what location you walk into, the vibe will make you feel like you are a fitness celebrity.

Although Fit Athletic provides a luxurious space where you can spend some exclusive "you time", this gym works hard to make its members feel like they are part of a community. The Fit Team is constantly planning events where members can mingle and exercise the social dimension of a wellness focused lifestyle. The different locations throw pool parties in the summer that include drinks, food, music and the chic ambiance that Fit Athletic's modern décor has worked hard to maintain. They host meet-ups in their lounges and even organize pet friendly happy hours. These events work to foster a strong community feel at this fitness club. On Thursday evenings at the Downtown location, the cardio space, free weight area and cross training room take on the energy of a roof top lounge. Getting to this gym on any given day is an opportunity to meet like minded people with a diverse range of fitness goals.

Fit Athletic: Where fitness and “treat-yo-self” meet.

Location: Downtown, Solana Beach, Carmel Valley (and Huston if you're in Texas)

Downtown San Diego
350 10th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Solana Beach
511 S Hwy 101
Solano Beach, CA 92075

Carmel Mountain
12171 World Trade Dr
San Diego, CA 92128

Class Size: The spacious group class areas vary from location to location and spin rooms have 35 bikes available to use even when class is not in session.

Intensity Level: Thank goodness they have complimentary towel service because the sweat level for these group classes is a 10.


  • Towel Service
  • Complimentary Parking or Parking Validation
  • Stand Up Tanning Beds
  • Fine Art Exhibits Decorate the walls
  • One Time Use Key Pad Lockers
  • Fit Kid Recreation and Playfit Day Care
  • Fit Vitaboost (Vitamin) Clinic with registered nurses available for consultations
  • Fit PerX Savings with hundred of other local business that can get you 20% on food, entertainment and even healthcare
  • Fit Natural Foods Cafe and Healthy Meals to Go
  • Sun Deck with pool
  • Pet Friendly happy hours and monthly pool parties
  • Massage Therapy
  • Tennis Court (Caramel Valley Only)
  • Steam Room
  • Dry Sauna
  • Namaste Medical Group is on call

Cost: Click here to get a FREE day pass! Membership options & prices are not available online, but you can click here to request more information. They also have a corporate wellness program available here.


FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa

I have never smiled so often and so intensely during a workout as I did when we got the opportunity to crash a class at FitBody Boot Camp Kearney Mesa. As a new-comer to the class I immediately felt like I had been taking class there for months. My classmates, who when I walked in were already in deep conversation and hurriedly exchanging hugs, immediately introduced themselves and welcomed me in like I was a regular. Throughout the intense 2 round circuit class that included everything from pushing a weighted sled on astro-turf, to a sledge hammer station, everyone was laughing, high-fiving, and encouraging each other by name. Owner and instructor, Chris Wahlenmaier, has created a true fitness family with her very individual centered take on wellness.

“Many of our members are military and military spouses with many career and family obligations to attend to before and after their workouts. We even have a few members whose partners are deployed right now” said Chris, and she has worked hard to build a place where they can feel loved and inspired.

“I have lost so much weight this year sticking to the FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa program” says member Kim (name changed for privacy). “When my husband was deployed at the beginning of the year I was so lonely. I was drinking six XL sodas a day and spending so much time alone at home missing him. After joining FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa I found myself coming in for class twice a day, not only to keep up with my fitness goals, but to see my friends and spend time with the people who I have met here that have helped me get through this time in my life. I haven't had soda in months!”

The walls are painted the bold patriotic colors of a true Virago club house and are covered in motivational fitness quotes and jokes that will have you laughing at every circuit station (to maximize the abdominal and core aspect of each workout, of course). The atmosphere may leave you feeling warm and cuddly but the workouts are no joke. The cozy one room space is only a year old, so the equipment is brand new and the bootcamps incorporate all the latest and most effective exercises to maximize results like weight loss and increased stamina. After a class here you will leave feeling sore, sweaty and empowered.

(Get the Women's I AM VIRAGO T-shirt you see above here)

Location: Kearny Mesa

Address: 5150 Murphy Canyon Road #107, San Diego, CA 92123

Class Size: 5-10 people in each class allows you to get a personal trainer feeling at a reasonable price.

Intensity level: Non Stop circuit training with cardio, weights, box jumps and sledge hammers will shock your muscles during the first class and keep you scaling up for the rest of the year.


  • Lounge Area for Pre and Post Workout Socializing
  • Personalized weight loss program
  • Play area for kids

Cost: Try FitBody FREE for 3 Days! Prices are not listed on the website, but you can try it free and if you like it, speak to your instructor about becoming a member.


Bliss Paddle San Diego

Need to take a break from your typical yoga practice? Imagine stretching into a one-legged downward facing dog to see a sail boat drift by on the emerald water behind you. Paddle Board Yoga on Mission Bay is a class that is just as amazing as it sounds. Bliss Paddle has brought together two epic elements with this signature class that incorporates a crash course stand up paddle instruction and a yoga class that will expand your perception of what your practice can consist of.

“I love the idea of a floating yoga mat.” Says Dana Mitchell, a yoga instructor with a voice as delightful and calming as a spring shower. “[In this class] nature is your studio.”

You might think that the movement of the water under your board would be distracting but it is actually very meditative and allows you to be even more present in your practice than you may find yourself during an indoor class. The extra element of having to constantly calibrate your balance is also an amazing core exercise in itself.

“As SUP yoga teachers you must be adaptable to all conditions that mother nature throws at you. No two classes are ever the same, and you can try to be prepared but then the wind picks up, the water gets choppy but as long as your students have a smile on their face... that is all that matters”, says Dana.

This is also a great experience if you have not gotten in the water yet this year. Whether you are a yoga expert or a paddle board pro, you will probably end up getting a splash or two during your shavasana or going head first into the water while transitioning to a warrior pose, and it is an extremely liberating feeling. “You definitely have to check your ego at the shore” giggles Dana. “Come prepared to laugh, to smile and maybe get a little wet.”

Not yet ready to incorporate a vinyasa flow into your Paddle board routine yet? Bliss Paddle of San Diego also offers tours around the bay, 1 hour instructional and freestyle rentals.

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Location : San Diego Branch is in Mission Bay

Address: 4000 Fanuel St, San Diego, CA 92109

Class Size: Maximum of 10

Intensity Level: All poses can be modified depending how comfortable you feel but the unpredictability of the water can make this class a day at the beach or a level 10 challenge.

" This too shall pass " is a reminder that the calm still water will soon be shifted by the wind, and the choppy waters will soon be settled by the passing of the storm.


  • Paddle Lesson and Tour
  • 1 Hour Paddle Board Rental
  • Private Paddle Lesson
  • Teacher Training
  • Retreats
  • Paddle Boards for Rent or Sale
  • Annual Virago Fitness Mimosas and Paddle Board Party (Sign Up Here)

Cost: $20 for 1-hour paddle board rental, and $35 for yoga class on paddle board


On Track Wellness

Many people give up on their fitness journey because they just don't have the time to take a full hour out of their day to workout. An hour is a lot of time no matter what career you have, not including the travel time to get to your chosen place of fitness worship. As someone who spent most of his life in the corporate world, On Track Wellness owner Nate Church, wanted to create a program that was fast and effective. The classes are only 30 minutes but they are intense. On Track is all about giving you the most bang for your buck and the most movement for your minute. Keeping the class size small is also a fundamental aspect of the OTW experience.

“I love our Thursday morning session of HIIT and Run followed by Deep Stretch” says Church about his personal favorite. "It gives you a 30 minute intense total body workout with cardio, core, strength and agility in an efficient class followed by our deep stretch class which is perfect for everyone as few people stretch enough. I take that class myself every week. It is taught by our yoga instructor. You get the best of everything in one efficient morning.”

The short maximum intensity classes also increase the amount of classes available for you to take. No matter if you work mornings, afternoons, or both, there is always a class time available. On Track Wellness is also known for their private training, so if by some stroke of misfortune you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you can always sign up for some one-on-one fitness instruction. Just starting out and feeling a little nervous to try a new fitness regiment in front of a new class? They offer semi-private training for you and 2-3 other people of your choosing. Another perk OTW offers is that your first class is always FREE!

OnTrack Wellness is committed to its community and their team will do everything and anything they can to help you reach your fitness goal.

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Location: Cali Coast Elite

Address: 2004 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110

Class Size:  4-8 people per session is average to maintain the semi-private feel of the program

Intensity: Hells Bells is kettle-hell but your arms will look like machine guns after your 3rd class.


  • 6 Week Transformation
  • Learn how to break a board
  • Group Fitness
  • Semi Private Group Training
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Acuball Sessions for muscles and joint recovery

    Cost: (Varies) View class schedule and prices here.


Trilogy Sanctuary

Yards of emerald silk sway in the sun lit breeze from Trilogy Sanctuary's rooftop. It is a place where people can go escape the daily grind of life and find peace in this busy city. Hanging three stories up above downtown La Jolla, suspended in a cradle of silk, I have never felt so safe. Even if you are not a lover of yoga, Trilogy Sanctuary is a jewel in San Diego that is worth seeking out. From this roof top temple you can see the beaches of La Jolla and get a completely new perspective hanging upside down wrapped in silk during their famous Aerial Yoga class. This place is truly magical.

Beyond the steel structure that holds the aerial silks, the rooftop is also home to an exotic Arabian style lounge and a café with a fully vegan menu. “I love having the cafe as part of the studio because it creates a very strong sense of community as students get to hang out before or after class” says owner Leila Whitehead. The cafe is also home to a little gift shop where you can find yoga accessories that will express the fun and joy of the sanctuary. “It feels like it is a big family! Also the aerial classes are taught in a circle so you get to connect with the other students and you really feel like you are in it together!”

Community is a huge part of the Trilogy Sanctuary mind body and spirit experience. The studio is always hosting events that included everything from poetry reading and dance medicine to handstand workshops and fire dancing. This sanctum is constantly innovating its class schedule to include every type of yoga you can imagine including Lyra and Inferred Yoga. After one rooftop sun salutation you will be addicted. 

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Location: La Jolla

Address: 7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037

Intensity:  You try hoisting yourself five feet off the ground onto a giant metal hula hoop and balancing there and tell me that is not a ten on the intensity scale.

Class Size:  For Aerial Yoga there is a max of 8 spaces and classes are usually full


  • Several yoga classes to choose from
  • Aerial yoga / Lyra yoga
  • Beautiful ocean views from rooftop
  • Vegan Cafe
  • Lounge area where you can eat, use wifi and watch yoga classes in session
  • Aerial Teacher Training
  • Yoga for kids
  • Private Classes
  • Great Hugs and Inviting Community
  • Positive spirit and rejuvenating vibe

Cost: Aerial Yoga Drop in - $24 / View prices & packages here.


The Little Yoga Studio

The Little Yoga Studio feels like a Vinyasa Speak-easy. Walk too fast past the corner of 8th and Ash and you might miss it. The Little Yoga Studio is a true local gem nestled on a hill overlooking Downtown San Diego. There are no big flashy signs, no fast paced advertisements; even in the middle of the bustling city, the space has been built to feel tranquil.

Although this atelier is only a one room studio, there is a lot of room for stretching and extension because the class sizes are kept small. Don't let the adjective in its name discourage you. The high ceilings and long tinted windows make the studio feel open and encourage deep breathing.

“This is a special studio. It's so tiny, so quaint, so boutique that everyone gets adjustments and a personal experience" says instructor Melissa. "It is very intimate."

The Classes are held throughout the day everyday but in the evening the studio transforms by candle light. The rushlight infused class feels like you're being transported to a 16th century temple in Tibet, and makes the buddah shrine in the corner ethereal.  “I teach an intense class, don't let the candle light fool you. I like to teach an athletic Vinyasa. I find that intense classes help to quiet the mind.”

TLYS specializes in Vinyasa Flow style yoga which is a style that concentrates on strength and fast paced movements through different positions. Each instructor has the freedom to experiment with the music, so leave your audio expectations at the door. This is just another technique this studio uses to keep you on your toes.

This studio is simple but dynamic, and is a perfect place for anyone who is passionate about yoga and its multidimensional benefits.

“You have the space. The space is yours.”

Get there early as parking can be difficult to find depending on what time of the day you are Downtown.

Location: Downtown

Address: 702 Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Class Size: 12 Max

Intensity Level: Vinyasa Powerflow. Start at one of their introductory classes and work toward Candle Light Yoga to mark your progress.


  • Yoga Matts for Rent or Purchase
  • Candle Light Vinayasa for all levels
  • Wide variety of class styles that include Ashtanga and Deep Rest yoga
  • Teacher trainings
  • Special events
  • Workshops to continue your education

    Cost: Drop in $16. View pricing and specials here.






Pilates of San Diego

Pilates can be intimidating for those of us who have never had the pleasure of the most intense core workout of your life. When you first walk into this pilates studio the first thing your eyes are immediately drawn to are of course the pilates machines that bare a resemblance to an early medieval torture apperatus. The second thing you notice about this studio is the location and the the amazing Downtown view of the convention center and the bay.

The serenity of the studio's ambiance will melt away any inhibitions. The colors are calming, and even though you are stretching and strengthening muscles and ligaments you did not even know you had, the décor makes you feel like you are in a new age spa. Everything smells like fresh laundry and the reformers look brand new. Mirrors and windows along every side of the studio make the room feel light and provides you the opportunity to constantly check your positioning or to let your mind drift to the sights of the city while your body goes into overdrive.

There are 8 resistance machines in the studio which are a vital part of modern pilates that use body weight and springs attached to a carriage platform to the core movements. A pilates reformer machine is not an intuitive piece of equipment to use but each part of the workout comes with a lot of fluid instruction from great instructors. The small classes and constant hands reform give each class a semi-private feeling. In some instances you will find yourself balancing on one foot, squatting, and working your arm muscles and before you can look up and ask if you are doing the exercise right, the instructor is already at your side encouraging you to push yourself or adjusting you into that “oh wow I feel it now” moment. The classes are small to ensure that you get the most out of every movement.

Plus your classmates are a blast. “Pilates. is for anyone and everyone!” Smiles Ania London, owner and instructor of Pilates of San Diego. “Half of our members are between 50-75 and the other from 20-45, every one of them with different needs and goals. Since we are located downtown, our members tend to be pretty social and they love a good time! Ask any one of them the best places for happy hour or where to get the best craft beer or cocktail—they know best!”

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Location: Gaslamp District

Address: 310 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Class Size: 5-8

Intensity Level: Crossfit has nothing on pilates


  • Yoga and Barre Classes
  • Barre Certification Training
  • Private Classes
  • Semi Private Classes
  • Small Group Sessions

Cost: Single Class Drop-In: $27.50. View more prices and specials here.


Hotel Del Coronado Spin Class

As if you need any other reason to love the Hotel Del Coronado, their Fitness Center is now a formidable stop in the San Diego workout circuit. Beach Spin at the Del is quickly becoming one of their most popular amenities.

As you walk to the back of the famous victorian style hotel you see a battalion of stationary bikes perched on top of the most perfect grassy green knoll. You pick up the state of the art Beats By Dre headphones that are already playing the most motivational music you've heard all week and mount your bike. The veiw from your bike seat overlooks the white sand beach and glistening marine water that this island has become so well known for.  Welcome to spin class Del Coronado.

“You can’t beat the view, the cool morning air, and the awesome music in the headphones – it’s such a fun concept” says Hotel Del Fitness instructor Veronica Rohan. The workout itself is a heart pounding 45 min cycle that leaves you feeling like you just completed the tour de france.

The Fitness center staff is as friendly and as helpful as you would expect when you visit this four star hotel, and offer to adjust your bike seat to your height perfectly without even having to ask.  Hand towels, complimentary Gatorade and bottled waters are strapped to your bike throughout the class in this sun soaked setting. This class is available to both guests of the hotel and anyone who wants to take spin to a new level. Whether you are an international visitor, or a local on a stay-cation you are welcome to experience spin classes on one of the top ten beaches in America.

We had the pleasure of taking Donavan Soriano's spin class, who was rated San Diego's best Spin Class Instructor of 2015, and we now understand why. His energy is contagious, and even though the class's intensity level is high, he makes you feel like you're all in it together and you can reach levels you never thought you could. Hotel Del's Spin Class was truly exhilarating. 

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Location: Coronado Island

Address: 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Class Size: Spin Class – 30 people

Intensity Level: Medium - High


  • Spin Class on the Beach
  • Mermaid Fitness
  • Full Gym Access for Hotel Guests which includes:
  • Pilates
  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Circuit work
  • Core conditioning
  • Body sculpting
  • Zumba

    Cost: $20 per class ($15 for locals with photo ID / $10 for Club Resort Members