A person of extreme strength and courage. 

The definition above shows what it means to be VIRAGO. We've all fought battles in our lives; after all, battles, turmoil, and obstacles are inevitable. Although, it is not the challenge or the battle that defines us, it is the way we deal with our battles and the way we choose to let them affect us that defines us as humans, as warriors. If you are someone who has shown great vigor and courage in your life, and you want to inspire others to do the same, apply below to become a Virago Warrior.

Virago Warrior Benefits

  • A package filled with exclusive Virago Warrior items:

  • Virago Postcards

  • Virago Stickers

  • The chance to win special prizes for most mentioned name in orders

  • Invitations to all exclusive Virago Brand Ambassador events

  • A personal lifetime Virago Coupon offering significant discount on all products

  • A profile on Virago Website / Social Media Shoutouts

  • (Virago Shop Vanity Discount Code available upon request)

Virago Warrior Requirements

  • Must be a fitness enthusiast

  • Must believe in our mission and be willing to share your story in order to inspire others to use fitness for post-traumatic growth.