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"There was a time when I thought I had my life all figured out. I was married to the man of my dreams, Colby, who was a Marine and a Fire Fighter. Our children were young, healthy and thriving, and I was pursuing my dream as a nurse. Life was great. We worked hard and loved unconditionally. Then one day, life knocked me down when I received a phone call that my husband had lost his life in a car accident. I became very depressed, developed severe anxiety, and I felt like God was punishing me. I fell into a deep dark state of self pity and wondered "why me?" The doctors wanted me to get started on a list of antidepressants, but being a nurse I knew what pharmaceuticals did and I was not about to coat my life with a pill. Instead, I started therapy and found fitness. Fitness got me out of my dark depression. I was able to take out my anger, stress, anxiety, and frustrations in the gym.  Once I started working out and feeling good it was brought to my attention that with my muscle tone I would do well in competitive body building. Now I'm hooked! I have done a total of three competitions and have qualified for Nationals. But more importantly, through fitness and therapy, I was finally able to see things from a different perspective. I turned my negatives into positives, and realized that my husband was one of the biggest blessings that God gave me. Colby showed me the meaning of love, he introduced me to God, he believed in me, he encouraged me, and he loved me for all my perfections and imperfections. Colby saved me. He made me who I am today and I will forever be grateful of the time, life and love we shared. I am currently still working as a nurse, continuing to pursue competitive body building and helping so many experience optimal nutrition through my Kyani business. We all have a story, and each one of our stories can be shaped into something beautiful by turning our struggles into strengths. I know that God has a plan for me, and it is my passion to reach out to others and share my story to empower them. I am Virago."


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When I go out with my cousin and sister we pretend we are from England. We do a phenomenal job at it and have a ton of laughs.