Full Name: Haelie Makana Queen

Nick-name: Hales

Occupation or dream job: Operations Manager for my family business, Larry's Building Materials. I did wardrobe styling for a long time but I realized as I learned more about the business, that I wanted to stay working for the family company and keep the generation going! I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Oh, and a full time mommy to my two girls :) That is the best and most rewarding "job" ever. 

Home-town: Huntington Beach, CA - Born and raised!

Fitness Secret: All around, working out is a natural endorphin. In the beginning, it's hard work and it is all about staying consistent and telling yourself you can do it! Once you do, it becomes your life and routine. Everyone has their "off" days but I've realized when you set aside that 1 - 1 1/2 hours, your mind and attitude becomes clear and you feel like you can conquer anything. Pushing and challenging myself day by day is when I really began to see results. And of course, maintaining a healthy diet is always key! It's not about looking perfect, it's about how you feel. Day by day, consistency and a positive attitude will help you reach your goals and obtain ultimate success.

Causes or organizations close to your heart: There are so many organizations I would love to be a part of. Every year our company puts on an annual golf tournament. In 2014 we raised money for a homeless mother and children's shelter. We raised a great amount of money, and it felt so good to give back to our local community and to those in need of love and support. The future charities I would love to be actively in are Lupus and Autism. My mother and sister have Lupus, (an incurable autoimmune disease) and my nephew has Autism. To be a part of the Lupus foundation and the Autism Research foundation would be so amazing. Raising awareness is always such a special thing. There is something about giving back and knowing you made a difference that is truly a great feeling.

Turning Struggle into Strength:

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