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DomINIQUE Hoskins


Jiu Jitsu Instructor + Competitor


San Diego, CA

dominique's story

"When I was in high school, a bitter breakup between my parents rendered my sister, my mother, and me homeless. Some assistance from my youth group helped us with the living situation, but the turmoil derailed my college plans, as I was the primary source trying to console my mom during the time. Early during my first year at a junior college, my best friend introduced me to Jiu Jitsu as a release from the stress. I immediately loved everything about it. It provided discipline, fitness, mind-challenging puzzles and problems to solve, and an endless pool of knowledge. It gave me direction! I decided to devote my life to the art and as time has gone on, I have competed, trained, and taught all over the world. The most fulfilling part of this journey, however, has been being able to share the art with so many people from so many walks of life. I've been able to help at-risk youth change their lifestyle, watch the out of shape and overweight shed hundreds of pounds, and guide women and those who have been bullied into a life full of confidence. This art has provided me so many gifts, especially when I needed them the most, so I just look to share those gifts with others. Virago looks to do the exact same and that is why I stand behind this movement. I am Virago."


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I love studying languages. I'm conversational in French and Portuguese and look to master 5-6 languages eventually. I think being able to communicate with those not from your own background brings us all together!