Full Name: Carl Camille Boudro IV

Nick-name: Boo Boo Bear

Occupation or dream job: BJJ Teacher/Lawyer

Home-town: Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Fitness Secret: Do something active everyday.  I like to start my days with a workout, or a bike ride, or a run just to get my day started right.

Causes or organizations close to your heart: Jiu Jitsu helped change my life, and without it I would be lost..

Turning Struggle into Strength:
Working out has always been an outlet, a tool for me to deal with stress. When I was deployed, I would keep my workouts regular, to help lower the stress of deployment, and keep me focused. It worked wonders. When the mind neglects things in our lives we don't want to deal with, fitness can be therapy and I have found that it makes those painful things in life easier to overcome. Being active is important for a long healthy life. Read more about how Carl turned his struggle into strength >>

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