Virago heads Eastbound

From buddies to business men -- Marco Rodriguez, Ben Clevenger, and Jason Nichols first met at El Capitan High School while playing on the football team together. Little did they know a few years down the road their friendship would land them a successful business. 

As young adults, its nothing out of the ordinary to have a dream or set goals for future success. One day while hanging out, Marco, Ben, and Jason decided they wanted to open a bar together. With little to no business experience, the friends tossed around the idea and came to the conclusion that Lakeside, their hometown, was the perfect place for their dream establishment.


February 2010 Lakeside, a small town in San Diego’s east county province, welcomes Eastbound Bar and Grill; a new light for this small town, a place where the community could come together, eat some great food, and have fun with their families and friends. Upon opening, their business was booming and the band of three amigos had successfully opened their Pacific Beach vibe bar and grill in their hometown.

Unfortunately, every great success story stumbles upon a hardship from time to time. An early Saturday morning in March of 2016 Eastbound was set aflame. A faulty wire in their freezer sparked leaving the interior of the bar charred and a burning desire in both the staff and community of Lakeside to rebuild. 


The rebuilding lasted two months and was a true testament to Eastbound and its tie to the community of Lakeside. To show their appreciation and honor the fire department and members of the community who stood by their side at this time, the bar threw a party upon reopening their doors; now known as the Eastbound Fireversary. Since then they’ve also designated every Monday as their community night where 10% of their proceeds go to a local fundraiser and continuously look for ways to give back to their town and the people around them.

Today, approximately two years after the reopening of Eastbound Bar and Grill, one can still expect this communal, family-friendly environment, with great food and drinks. Upon opening the door one is greeted by the crisp air, welcoming staff, and a picture-perfect bar scene with just the right ambience and music. Whether you’re in need of a quick drink or a family meal, Eastbound Bar and Grill offers an environment for all occasions and we encourage you to check out this staple in the community of Lakeside for yourself.


At Virago Fitness, we are honored to be Eastbound Bar and Grill’s next community night partner. This Monday, August 12th, from 5pm-9pm we will be raising money for our FIT Project – promoting the use of fitness for post-traumatic growth. 10% of your bill will go directly to this cause as we bring free fitness classes to Lakeside. We are excited to expand our community and look forward to seeing you all at Eastbound Bar and Grill!

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Jessica Blanco is a student athlete graduating this December 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in History. Her journey as a student has led her to us as she has experienced first hand the therapeutic benefits of fitness.

At the age of 7 Jessica began playing tennis, but 11 years later when it was time to leave to college she decided to leave sports…

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