It's Never Too Late to Get On Track

As summer comes to an end and we find ourselves having to get back into a routine, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Whether it's getting the kids ready for school, commuting to and from work, that college course you just can’t seem to grasp -- all these seem to take away from that underestimated yet very important “me time.” No matter what your life looks like we all need that time to unwind and get in tune with ourselves. That’s why I’m here to introduce you to On Track Wellness and shed some light on the idea of getting your health and wellness back on track regardless of that busy schedule.

On Track Wellness is a versatile fitness and martial arts studio new to Midway District near the Pechanga Arena San Diego, but has been around since 2012. This gym emphasizes getting you out of your comfort zone while still following their 5 selves philosophy -- a philosophy that prioritizes self-awareness, self-discipline, self-control, self-respect, and self-defense. 

 At Virago we have been graced by a longtime friendship with On Track Wellness and when we heard they would be opening their new location we wanted to provide as much support as they’ve provided us. We sat down with co-owners Nate and Eric, to get the inside scoop on their newest endeavors and provide our readers with everything they need to know about On Track Wellness.


 “A safe space to hit your limits but be supported and guided.”

 As I walked through the doors to see what their gym was all about Nate and Eric both showed their immediate support as we took a look around. It is very apparent that they’ve created a space where one can fully focus on themselves and have every tool necessary to enhance their wellness. At first sight you’ll come across a fully equipped gym area with a chalkboard wall that has workouts pre-planned for you. As you walk forward you’ll see the matt where all their martial arts classes take place and space on the side for parents who wish to watch their kids practice. 

“We offer solutions for the whole family and especially our small group classes that offer personal attention at a lower price that other gyms.” 

This is an awesome opportunity for those who have always wanted to try guided fitness training classes as you’ll be getting a great workout and the guidance to learn the proper techniques. When talking to Nate he emphasized that On Track Wellness is looking to add members to their fitness family. They aren’t looking to be a huge 300 person gym, they simply want to promote health and hold each other accountable in their journeys. Most of their fitness courses are modeled by a 35 minute class for adults and teenagers while their martial arts classes are for all ages. 

“We want health and wellness with coaching to be available to more people.”

They understand getting into this type of fitness can be intimidating whether its cost or just not knowing what to expect, which is why they aim to eliminate as much of the intimidation as possible. They even go as far as providing work out plans for the parents who are their watching their kids’ martial arts classes.


“Often I get parents saying they wish they had more time to work out. So, while their children are learning, I encourage them to use our gym area and if they aren’t sure where to start, we are more than happy to put together a workout beforehand with them.”

On Track Wellness is constantly finding ways to accommodate and help others in their fitness journey, including partnering with Virago as one of our F.I.T. Project partners -- where we offer free fitness classes to overcome life’s stressors and promote post traumatic growth. Their next class with us will be held on Thursday October 10th and 7pm. Come by after work and relieve some of that stress through an awesome kickboxing class and get to know the amazing people behind On Track Wellness.

Hear what our founder Brittney Hogan has to say about her experience at On Track Wellness;


“I have never been to a gym that made my workout this fun and easy. After just one of Nate's classes, I was hooked. I took the earliest class he offered 3 times a week, and it was such a good workout for only 35 minutes, that I left there feeling so incredibly accomplished and sore (in a good way) before it was 7am. I love that the groups are so small, so you get one on one attention from the instructor, almost like a personal training session but at group fitness prices.”

Jessica Blanco | Journalist Intern


Jessica Blanco is a student athlete graduating this December 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in History. Her journey as a student has led her to us as she has experienced first hand the therapeutic benefits of fitness.

At the age of 7 Jessica began playing tennis, but 11 years later when it was time to leave to college she decided to leave sports…

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