Empower Yourself at the Barre


An Instantaneous feeling of warmth and welcome. As we walked into Ashley Adam’s studio, The Dailey Method Barre and Cycle, we felt nothing but that. If you’re looking for a community of kindness, encouragement, and support, while getting an awesome workout, this studio is right up your ally! With its convenient location in beautiful Downtown San Diego, near Waterfront Park on Kettner Blvd., it's no wonder this studio shines bright inside and out from its people to its location.

After partnering with Ashley on our program, “The F.I.T. Project” – a program collaborating with fitness instructors in San Diego to offer free classes that inspire fitness for therapy – we had the pleasure of getting the inside scoop on her life changing fitness experience, learn how she applies this lifestyle to her family life, and get to know her kind hearted self-proclaimed “hippie at heart” personality. Before The Dailey Method, Ashley did not see herself as the motivational fitness instructor she has become today. She worked at a non-profit full time and her go to method of exercise was running. It wasn’t until she was invited to check out The Dailey Method, by a friend, that things began to change for her. 


“It wasn’t until my fitness came from a place of healing, that's when everything changed.”

From her first class with The Dailey Method Ashley knew there was something special about it. She was left wanting more. She had always been the type who felt lost at the gym; not knowing what muscle groups to work or which exercises to do. This studio had her feeling muscles in her body she had never felt before. She felt healthy, and she loved the hands on guidance provided in the class. Not only was Ashley loving The Dailey Method, but with a recent back injury and potential surgery on her mind she wanted to try a more natural approach to healing her back. She felt as if she had tried absolutely everything; acupuncture, natural methods, different orthopedic exercises; The Dailey Method was helping her more than any of these attempts for healing. She began making this a routine for herself, and it was then that she realized the change. Her fitness now came from a place of healing; she not only felt her back getting stronger, but she found herself gaining self-love and she knew she had to share this with others.

            Ashley went from exchanging her time as a volunteer in their childcare facility for free classes at The Dailey Method, to owning her own studio here in San Diego. She takes pride in the family that has developed in her studio and describes it as a community which “comes from a place of really trying to honor yourself and the people around you.” This tightknit group was put to the test when Ashley decided to move their studio to its newest location in Downtown San Diego; taking them two years to finalize the move. At this time Ashley really appreciated the strength and support of her Dailey Method family and told us many of her customers felt as if they were coming home when the studio reopened.

Not only does this community shine with honor, strength, and support, but The Dailey Method itself comes from these fundamentals. When going to work out one can expect to learn how to focus on their body’s individual alignment. Ashley teaches her class in a way that is very hands on and is adjusted to each individual in the class. She teaches people to respect their body and the bodies around them, providing a safe space for everyone to work out.


“It’s important to honor that everyone, every body, is different.”

Today many people find it hard to juggle exercise with work and/or family life, but at The Dailey Method they find ways to help you regardless of your schedule. They offer online instructional videos through their website and childcare in their studio’s Kids Club. While interviewing Ashley she told us how she incorporates her workouts with being a mom. She aims to lead by example and show her children the importance of self-love. She does this by working out in the living room where her children can see her and sometimes even attempt to copy her movements. It’s easy to imagine Ashley juggling her kiddos as she works out with her fun loving personality. 

“It’s important to carve out me time and love yourself just as much as you love others.” 

Ashley describes herself as a hippie at heart and aims to spread kindness wherever she goes. This is apparent when meeting her as she is very welcoming in and out of her fitness instructor role. With her calming energy and positivity it is nearly impossible not to feel at peace as you walk out of her studio. She teaches with a sense of humility and speaks to others in a way which leaves them feeling proud of their own body. If this type of community is something you’re seeking, click here to sign up for your first class.

Jessica Blanco | Journalist Intern


Jessica Blanco is a student athlete graduating this December 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in History. Her journey as a student has led her to us as she has experienced first hand the therapeutic benefits of fitness.

At the age of 7 Jessica began playing tennis, but 11 years later when it was time to leave to college she decided to leave sports…

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