Ending The Cycle

Giovanni Cinfio of Newport Beach, CA, struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years. He found himself constantly falling into the cycle of getting high, getting arrested and going to jail. This cycle took over his life for nearly five years. Until it all came to a head when he was taken to jail for the last time. "I remember the date like it was yesterday -- December 23rd 2013. I was arrested and wasn’t getting out for a while. My lawyer and I worked out a deal with the judge to get help, and I knew that this was my last chance. It took 4 attempts, but I finally landed where I needed to be" (Cinfio). Giovanni attributes the success of his recovery to the help he received from the Tree House Recovery (THR) Center, in Costa Mesa, CA. THR is a treatment center for drug and alcohol for men abusers, which require their patients to use physical activity everyday as a tool for treatment, among other therapy. The treatment center utilizes instruction in body weight, cardio, conventional weight lifting and team sports to treat the whole person rather than just their behaviors. They told Giovanni and the others there that everything they needed was already in them.  


"I played football, wrestled and trained in mixed martial arts growing up so fitness has always been a part of my life, but I never knew how powerful it could be for me. Now I use exercise and meditate everyday to keep myself healthy from the inside out and stabilize my emotions." Giovanni says. 


Cinfio is a huge proponent of fitness for therapy and is sharing his story to inspire others going through similar obstacles. He says "If you or someone you know is struggling, get help at the Tree House Recovery Center (855)202-2138. Change your lifestyle, friends, workplace and everyday environments."  


To get in touch with Giovanni or follow his fitness journey, follow him on Instagram @gio.fitness.quest

Tree House Recovery 

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