The Freshest Nutrition Bars Ever Created


Last month, Instagram health enthusiast, Jeanette Ogden - also popularly known by her cheeky Instagram handle @shutthekaleup - invited her followers out to the Perfect Bar headquarters. After hearing about Perfect Bar around town, Team Virago headed out to see what all the hype was about. We were greeted by only the friendliest of people - Jeanette Ogden herself, her faithful followers, and the staff of Perfect Bar. Of course, we immediately started in on our questioning:

"So, what makes this bar so 'perfect'"?

"Is it organic?"

"Is it gluten free?"

"Will I understand all of the ingredients?"

Turns out, they had all the right answers, and we quickly realized that this is a product Virago can stand behind. It is gluten free, and totally organic (hence why you'll see these bad boys in the refrigerated aisle at your local grocery market). These perfect bars are non-GMO, soy free, contain 13 grams of whole food protein, and are packed with "20+ expertly-hidden superfoods to get the perfect combo of taste and nutrition" (Perfect Bar, 2017). 

That's all great, but how does it taste? We opened up the bars and all took a bite, looked at each other and smiled. These bars are indeed perfect. They're great for you and they are effing delicious. Not to mention they have a great story, and if there's one thing Virago is a sucker for, it is an inspiring story. Read Perfect Bar's story here

Grab a Perfect Bar

If you didn't know, now you know. Go grab a Perfect Bar pack today.

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