Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your Warrior Workout this Women's Health and Fitness Day

Good Morning Ladies and Happy #Women'sHeathandFitness day. As women we give a lot of ourselves to everyone else everyday. We fill every roll asked of us and we work hard to make sure that the people we love are healthy, so mark with occasion as an excuse to concentrate on your own wellness today. Yesterday #TeamVirago got to hang out with the #QueensofFitness from Bootique Fitness, Jaylin and Sabrina. Founder and trainer Jaylin Allen even shared her top 5 fitness tips with us and we cannot wait to share them with you! Keep these tips in mind as you plan your health and fitness day to maximize your experience!  Remember: You are Virago!

Jaylin Allen's Top 5 Fitness Tips

1. Set your mind. Exercise is a gift of movement. It's not a punishment for a meal you ate or for not liking your body. When you look at exercise as a punishment - the whole experience is less fun. Instead, frame your mind around appreciating your ability to move and the joy that comes from that.

2. To be a strong, powerful woman - engage your core muscles with every exercise. Your core is your foundation. Before taking on any movement, connect mind to muscle and turn on your core muscles to assist your chosen exercise.

3. To get the most bang for your buck - Focus on your larger muscles groups. Larger muscle groups like your chest, back, quads, glutes and hamstrings are going to give you the most impact in terms of creating lean muscle which helps you burn more calories and create definition in your body.

4. To target trouble areas like the back of your arms (triceps), your stomach and thighs - Use compound movements so you can benefit from using more muscle groups while also targeting a specific area. We will show 3 examples of this in the videos below.

5. Find movement you enjoy doing. That's the best and most realistic way to stay committed and consistent. Whether it's boot camp, dance, pilates, biking, running, yoga, kickboxing, etc... the most important aspect is that it brings you peace, joy and satisfaction. 

-Jaylin Allen Founder and Trainer, Bootique Fitness

Totally got a little #womencrushwednesday fever for Jaylin? Check out the amazing time we had with her on the Marina in Downtown San Diego when she took over our Month of Fitness Challenge for the day. Interested in getting fit in an all female zone with Amazon warrior level training? Check out Bootique Fitness' class schedule today!

Sabrina & Jaylin of Boutique Fitness

Sabrina & Jaylin of Boutique Fitness