Five Reasons You Need To Be At FitFest Next Weekend

1)$5 Fitness

Is there anywhere else in San Diego that you can get a $5 Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Class? How about $5 Crossfit training, or $5 Pilates?

2)Location Location Location    

The Coronado Ferry Landing is on everyone's "Top Sights to See in San Diego" list. Here, A white sand beach parallels the glistening buildings of Downtown SD on the other side of a sail boat peppered turquoise blue bay. In a city known for its beaches and bay front this location earns high marks for locals and tourists alike.

3)Fitness fun for all

Got Kids? There's Kid's Yoga

New to fitness? Stand Up Paddle is a worth while introduction to core strength and balance that you cant experience in most cities.

Fitness Fanatic? Get ready for the ultimate WOD, a 12 event wellness festival designed to work every muscle group in your body, if you dare.

New to San Diego? This a great oppurtunity to meet like minded people in the 8th most fit city in America.

4)Support Local Business

Local trainers, San Diego native gyms, and homegrown vendors like Virago Fitness will all be in one place to help get you ready to look and feel great this summer.

5) Sitting is the new smoking

Sit heavy and sedentary lifestyles have recently been linked to illnesses as serious as heart disease and diabetes. You sit at work, you sit in the car, and you could spend Saturday July 16th sitting inside staring at another digital screen, or you could come join us for FitFest and literally lengthen your life with a day of ocean breezes and California sunshine.


We hope to see you there!

Use Code : LOCAL at Checkout to secure your fitness class spot for FREE! Limited time only.