Don't Forget to Vote Tomorrow! #CaliforniaCounts

Virago is a small local business located in San Diego, so we thought today we would keep it local. Tomorrow is the California Primary Election so we put together an election day survival guide with links for anything you may be unsure about when prepping for tomorrow, including links to the lists of candidates, propositions on the ballot, and even information on the voter election locations.

-If you need to register for the general election in CA :

Tomorrow is the Primary Election for California. Unfortunately if you have not registered up to 14 days before the primary you are ineligible to participate in closed California primary. That does not mean you should not register for the general election which will take place in November. Even if you are unsure if you want to participate at all in the political process this year, give your self the option to make that choice. Registrar today.

If you need to know where you go to vote:

Everyone has a very specific polling location to report to that is determined by the voter's registered address. Make sure you make it to the correct place by checking out the link or calling the Secretary of State's toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683). Don't procrastinate on this one!

What if my name is not on the voter list at the polling place?

You did it! You made it to your correct polling location. You triumphantly hand over your picture id to the volunteer with the I VOTED sticker and she says “your name is not on the list here”. Don't panic. Even if your name is not on the voter list at your designated polling place, you have the right to vote with a “provisional ballot”. It will be counted after the elections official has confirmed that you are a registered voter and that you are only voting once. If you do run into a provisional ballet situation be sure to ask the poll worker for confirmation on how you can check that your provisional ballot was counted after your voter registration is verified.

Who are the candidates?

I think we all know who the big three for the Presidential Election are, but what most people don't remember in the shadow of all the pomp and buzz that comes with the presidential elcetion, is that the candidates we vote into local government and congress are equally important. Make sure you know who you are choosing to represent your interests in congress, in your state legislature and local bureaucracy. These elected officials have more influence over your daily life than the new President Elect will.

What propositions are on the ballot?

You are not just choosing your political representatives when you go to vote. You are voting directly on initiatives, placed on the ballot by either the California State Legislature or via a petition signed by registered voters that can change the laws, penal codes and even the articles of the California Constitution.

You still have time to drop off a mail in ballot if you want!

Find Your Voter Information Guide Booklet!!!

Most likely it is sitting under a pile of unfilled in credit card applications you were waiting to shred. Do yourself a favor and pull it out tonight. Each county will have it's own local elections and city wide measures on its ballot. Look through it tonight so that you don't accidentally elect Hitler Jr or The Hulk out of lack of knowledge.