Thank You to Everyone Who Joined Team Virago for National Earth Day

Last Friday the sun was out in force and a welcoming breeze set the tone for our Earth Day celebration. It was a perfect day for Virago Bravo Bras and Limitless Shorts!

The fruits of conscious labor and local farming were on display, and delicious, thanks to Trina from Farm Fresh to YouAnne Kuhn from Juice Plus gave everyone in attendance a free lesson in drought friendly gardening and safe water reclamation with her magical, mobile, Garden Tower. A big thank you to the Arbonne Superstars Chanel Sonego who kept everyone protein packed and pumped for fitness with free Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shakes, and all natural Pomegranate Energy Drinks. Everyone who attended even got a free luxurious skin care survival gift bag from Arbonne to help repair any sun exposure due to all day activity. As if the delicious treats were not enough!

Andrea Hooper inspired participants at her 9am Yoga class to branch out with amazing Vrikshahsanna Tree Pose technique, a reminder that the strongest trees are not constricted by location, and that you can still have deep meditation even if it looks like a 740 is about to land on you.

Dana Mitchell rooted the 11 o'clock class with deep, grounded, stretching that brought focus and playful contemplation to the workout, even with fox 5 news filming in the background. The class was so inviting that passer-bys could not resist stopping by to try a Crow Position Headstand. We can not wait to get zen with Dana again for Month of Fitness where she will introduce the important yoga fundamentals of balancing earth and water, in her Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Class at Bliss Paddle Yoga.

Nate Church of On-Track Wellness lead an afternoon Kettle Bell wake up call that worked the 2pm class so hard you could barely hear the cityscape over the triumphant shouts and exhausted panting breaths of the participants.

Daniel Cooker seemingly beckoned the warm sunset in with her strong and centered Slow Movement Yoga Class, giving Team Virago a beautiful and engaging end to a high intensity day. There is nothing like feeling the grass beneath your toes in Warrior Two Pose.

Thank you again Susan Wolds for being so flexible (no yoga pun intended) about the rescheduling and Virago is excited to feature her fantastic instruction in Virago's upcoming Month of Fitness extravaganza.

True meditation waxes and wanes through the crests and troughs of real life, especially in a city that closes at 2am but never truly sleeps, but taking time unplug and reflect on urban life does not mean disconnecting from it.

We can find quiet in the mind to the colorful beeps of city streets. We can be centered and grounded on a manicured lawn.

We don't have to see past the city skyline to appreciate azure of the atmosphere, we can incorporate the cityscape and redefine what makes a natural landscape beautiful.

Appreciate the Earth now. Draw thoughtful attention to it. There will always be birthdays, and work melee, and relationship catastrophes, and even with the planet's rotation slowing down, giving you an extra .0003 seconds everyday, you will never have more time ,than you do, in this moment, right now. The Earth makes time for you.

Make everyday Earth Day.

Make Everyday Earth Day temporary tattoos free with every purchase of Virago Performance wear.