We Are Throwing Planet Earth a Party!

Our Sun is flying through the universe like a spinning bullet at 45,000 miles per hour (http://solar-center.stanford.edu/FAQ/Qsolsysspeed.html), and at the edge of its wake our little blue dot is dragged along for the ride like a cyclist behind a Mac Truck. Through galactic cosmic rays, rogue asteroids, space junk and Carl Saegan only knows what else, our little miracle planet manages to keep us safe. We poison its rivers, cut down its forests and smog up its air, but our world continues to bob and weave through space like Muhammad Ali, constantly protecting us from radiation and the perils of the universe, whether we are conscious of if or not.

Here at Virago we want to make time to say "Thank You Earth", and nothing says "thank you for keeping us alive" like a Earth-Day Par-tay. 

Virago Fitness is hosting a free Earth Day Event next Friday April 22 at Balboa Park in San Diego. Take a few minutes to appreciate the Earth with barefoot work outs and Earth minded fitness classes every hour. Meet your local fitness community and show your support for the planet with one of our environmentally friendly Earth Day tattoos. There will be coloring books made out of 100% recycled paper, games, refreshments and fresh air. All activities are free and there will be give-aways galore.

Go Virago Green and take the opportunity to take of your shoes and take in all the natural wonders of our favorite planet.