Spring Into Action

By: Genie Davis

It’s almost spring, and that means it’s time to take action. Exercise action that will yield good-for -your-body results, and a smart way to chase winter doldrums away. 

But how to get started? Well, the best advice we have is to be consistent and be committed. But not over-committed.

Make your resolutions reachable and realistic, and just as the days are bound to be growing longer, you’ll be bound for success. 

First, set a daily time for your work out. It doesn’t matter if you’re running, walking, improving your Pilates, or perfecting your down dog on the Yoga mat. Choose a time that feels right for you and stick to it, whether its first thing in the morning, your lunch hour, after work, or in the evening. It doesn’t matter when or where, it matters when regularly.

Second, choose a realistic time limit for your exercise. Start out slow, thirty minutes, perhaps. And gradually build up your staying power. Overdoing it can cause weariness or muscle soreness that might derail your plans. You can always go long, as long as you build up to being strong.

Third, pick something you’ll love doing. And then don’t be afraid to change things up. 

In other words, once you’ve scheduled a time to exercise, then pick a form of exercise you’re going to love. If Zumba’s your thing, then Zumba away. But if the routine becomes a little too second nature, change it up. Add an  anerobic exercise like free weights, or switch to a spin class on the weekend. All in all you should go short, stay strong, and vary your work out.

Fourth, get enough sleep - a tired workout can lead to injuries or simply dampen your enthusiasm for success. 

And now you’re all set. Remember, it’s spring forward time, no more falling back on your exercise goals.