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Genie Davis

I’m Genie Davis, and I’m a novelist, journalist, screenwriter, and writer of blogs, PR, and SEO on everything from travel to technology. Because I spend so much time in front of my computer, exercising at least once a day is key to my sanity. Favorite exercise vices: yoga and long distance walks. But I do spend my fare share of time on the treadmill in a gym. I’ve lived near the beach in Los Angeles long enough that I feel like a native, but in truth, I was born, raised, and educated on the East Coast. I do not miss the winters. 

If you’re looking for a book to read while you’re on your own treadmill or exercise bike, check out one of mine - one of my most recent is a mystery thriller, Marathon. But honestly, for me, nothing can top the thrill of a great Vinyassa flow class followed by a barefoot walk on the sand, clad of course in some beautiful Virago. If you don’t see me on the beach, you can find me on Twitter as @geniewrites, or check out my website at