Taryn Phillips - CA


Oceanside, CA


IG / @trexphillips


Hiking / Yoga / Running / Interval Training


Camp Pendleton Mud Run

How Taryn uses fitness to turn her struggles into strength

"For years I have struggled with fertility issues. I was sad, embarrassed and avoided conversations where I feared people would ask "when do you want to have kids?" I lived life fearful of what the future might hold. The thought that I may never be a mother consumed me. It consumed my daily actions, my relationships, shaped my happiness and took a toll on my health.  After a lot of medical tests, years of no luck and eventually hitting my all-time low I had to make a change. Over the next year I was able to get more clarity on who I was and how I wanted my journey to unfold through focusing on my mind/body, health and wellness. I have always enjoyed being healthy and fit but I started focusing on “why” this stuff was important to me. I realized that eating healthy and exercising benefited me a whole lot more when I did it for my happiness instead of trying to fix something about myself. Using whole body wellness allowed me to begin living life to its fullest, trusting the timing of my life and just being happy where I am and with what I have. Eventually, my husband and I decided that we were going to make our dream for a family a reality through the miracle of adoption. The process went incredibly smooth for us and we are now parents to the most perfect little boy. Through my struggle, I have discovered who I really am and it is my biggest blessing. I believe that when my mind and body health is balanced I am able to live a happy life. Learning this valuable lesson will help me overcome any obstacle."


"I love a good rainy day! Most days I enjoy being active and doing things outside. This is great, but it doesn't allow me much down time. A good rainy day is perfect because it balances me out. Rainy days are a perfect time to unwind, relax and just enjoy the sound of the rain."