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We are thrilled to have you on our team. Now that you have some goodies to spread around town, let's get Virago followers acquainted with you. The bread and butter of Virago is our collection of inspiring fitness tees and tanks, but what we are mostly passionate about is telling the stories of others (just like yourself) who have used fitness to turn their struggles into strength. We want to inspire our community to live better, balanced lives and learn to use fitness for post-traumatic growth. You were chosen to represent Virago because you have a story to tell. Each one of you will have a photo and bio on our website that will include links to your businesses and/or causes that are near and dear to your heart. Let's get started!

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Tell us about yourself by filling out the quick survey below. We will use the answers to generate a bio for your profile. 

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Send a couple of photos of yourself to : AHSRyan05@yahoo.com for the profile. The photos should be of you doing your listed fitness activity. (Professional photos if possible)

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As soon as we receive your survey and photos, we will generate a bio for your personal Virago Warrior profile. We will email you think to view your profile. Don't forget to share the page with your friends + family!


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If you ever have any questions about Virago, shoot us an email: info@virago-fitness.com

Stay connected with us and other Virago Warriors on the Virago Warrior private Facebook Group and feel free to ask any questions there as well.