A portion of our proceeds go to our the F.I.T. project, which stands for "Fitness Is Therapy". 


To partner with fitness instructors, gyms and studios to sponsor free fitness classes across the nation for anyone and everyone to enjoy. When you are in a tough spot, the last thing you are thinking about is your health and wellness, when in fact, focusing on those two aspects of life is what will help you the most. We want to give everyone the opportunity to get into fitness with absolutely no barriers.


  1. Aims to educate Americans on the benefit of fitness for inner
    strength and post-traumatic growth

  2. Creates a welcoming community and accepting environment for
    those struggling with life’s obstacles

  3. Highlights local fitness instructors and their skills


Virago partners with fitness studios of all types to put on these classes. Check out our upcoming free fitness classes and reserve your spot to see what type of fitness works best for you. The class is absolutely free, so feel free to sign up a friend as well. Make new friends, try new things and get the chance to experience first-hand the benefit of fitness for stress. 


At the beginning of each class, we start out with the Fitness Is Therapy activity. 

  • Write down something you are currently struggling with
  • Fold it up and put it in your pocket or set it aside.
  • While working out, let that struggle naturally come to your mind, and physically work through it.
  • When the work out is finished, take out your struggle and rip it off.
  • The back of it says, "Now Let It Go". 
  • Throw it away on your way out, take a deep breath and leave feeling physically, emotionally and mentally rejuvenated and ready for your day.
  • You are left with a mantra that you can keep with you always. 
    You Are Strong, Your Are Bold, You Are Resilient, You Are Fearless, You Are Committed, You Are Driven, You Are Humble, You Are Limitless. YOU ARE VIRAGO.


On a quarterly basis Virago sponsors one person by providing them with an all expenses paid three month introduction to fitness and health. We partner with fitness instructors and professionals all over the United States to provide personal training, nutrition assistance and emotional support to the winner for three months. 

The sponsorship recipient will receive 

  • 3 month personal training or small group fitness classes in his/her area
  • Nutrition assistance from with Allie Hobson of Barefood Nutrition - A Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in helping people achieve their health goals.
    - 1 Initial Consultation to include full evaluation over the phone ( 60 Min ) 
    - 1 Meal Plan + Meal Prep Guide
    - 1 (15-20 Min) Check in Call 2 weeks later for follow up and Q&A
  • Virago Warrior Accountability Partner

Are you or someone you know struggling with life's obstacles and are tired of turning to unhealthy vices that only make issues worse? Click on the button below to nominate yourself or a friend for our quarterly F.I.T. Project Sponsorship.

* NOTE: The next sponsorship will be selected and awarded in September 2018. This sponsorship is currently only available for those residing in
the Greater San Diego area.