Full Name: Ronnie Morris

Nick-name: Bam bam

Occupation or dream job: Current job - Personal Trainer

Home-town: Fremont, Ca 

Fitness Secret: Abs are made in the kitchen.

Causes or organizations close to your heart:
Organs 'R' US is an organization my family is a part of that does relay runs to raise money and awareness for people who are in need or organ transplants. 

Tell us about a time you turned your struggle into strength:
When I was 18 years old my father was murdered. The loss filled me with an anger I had never known before and I found the only thing that helped me cope with my anger, pain and frustration was the gym. I've grown to make the gym a huge part of my lifestyle and turned my struggle into my dream job. The solace I found in fitness led me to start my own business as a personal trainer and also introduced me to bodybuilding, which has become a new passion of mine. The gym continues to be my relief from day to day stressors and makes me feel great not only on an emotional level, but a physical level as well.