The #BUILDTHENEW Program | Fitness Sponsorships


Derived from the famous Socrates quote: "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new". That is what our program, #buildthenew is all about. 

Virago raises money to sponsor one person per quarter and provide them with an all expenses paid three month introduction to fitness and health. We partner with fitness instructors and professionals all over the United States to provide personal training, nutrition assistance and emotional support to the winner for three months. 


Aims to educate individuals
on the benefit of fitness
for inner strength and
post-traumatic growth

Introduces awarded individuals
to a lifetime community and accepting environment for those struggling
with life’s obstacles

Highlights local fitness instructors / fitness professionals and their skills


Are you or someone you know struggling with life's obstacles and are tired of turning to unhealthy vices that only make issues worse? Click on the button below to nominate yourself or a friend for our quarterly #buildthenew sponsorship.


* NOTE: The next sponsorship will be selected and awarded in September 2018. This sponsorship is currently only available for those residing in
the Greater San Diego area.