Virago Fitness Fundraiser at Bitter Brothers Brewing Co

Thank you so much to everyone that came out for our 2nd Annual Virago Fundraiser hosted at Bitter Brothers Brewing Co. We raised a little over $2500 for the F.I.T. Project! We were overwhelmed by the support of our friends, family, Virago Warriors, and the new friends we made that night! Without all of you none of this would be possible.

A very special thank you to Connie Jurgens, our photographer, for the incredibly generous donation you made to Virago, and for the fun and awesome photos you took.

Thank you to Craig, the winner of the 50/50 raffle for donating the pot back to Virago, thank you to all of the attendees who bid and/or won the silent auction prizes. Another huge thank you to all of the sponsors who donated prizes to the auction.

Virago Fundraisers are held quarterly. Please make sure you join us for the next one!

Elizabeth Skwiot: Circuit Training with a Circus Flare

Turns out you do not have to run away to the circus to get a taste of one of the most physically demanding lifestyles on the planet. Team Virago joined circus performer and literary PhD turned Coach and Founder of Cirque-It Fitness, Elizabeth Skiwot, to get the details on our most acrobatic F.I.T. class yet and to find out how she created this workout. Join us for the FREE CIRQUE IT FITNESS CLASS NOVEMBER 3rd at 11 am and read on to find out how this new fitness craze was born.

A New Workout Fuses the Circus with Circuit training

Ready to take your circuit training to the next level? Cirque-It Fitness combines familiar tools like punching bags and pull-up bars with the novice of silk ropes and aerial maneuvers to create a high-intensity boot camp far beyond the Big Top. Although Elizabeth Skwiot the owner and instructor of this San Diego studio spent years as a performer and coach in circus she says not to let the name of the workout intimidate you.  This class is a circus-inspired circuit that will challenge your body and mind a safe distance from the ground. 

Founded in the modern study of biometrics this circuit-style training is infused with techniques and principles of the circus arts that have captivated crowds since the late 1700's.

Watch 45 minutes whiz by like flying a trapeze artist (with the greatest of ease) in this eight-person class inspired by the physical strength and agility needed to perform the death-defying three ring acts we all love. This Cirque-It Fitness class gives fitness lovers of all levels the opportunity to enjoy functional fitness and circuit training with a circus flair for FREE.



SD Voyager Interviewed our Founder, Brittney Hogan

Our Founder & President, Brittney Hogan, was interviewed by SD Voyager!

(Photo by Meg Marie Photography)

(Photo by Meg Marie Photography)

Brittney, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started Virago Fitness in 2014, two years after my husband, LCpl Hunter Hogan was killed in Afghanistan deployed with the US Marine Corps. After his death, I hit rock bottom. I drank heavily to try to ignore my pain and sorrow. I did this for a few years until finally turning to fitness as a way to cope, and it completely saved my life. I started Virago because I wanted to inspire others to use fitness for post-traumatic growth. Virago means a person of extreme strength and spirit, and our mission is to inspire healing and growth through fitness. Through our activewear sales, programs, campaigns, and events we rally our community to turn to fitness instead of unhealthy vices when struggling with life’s obstacles. We are just about to launch our first program called The F.I.T. Project which stands for “Fitness is Therapy”. With this program, we partner with local fitness instructors to offer a free fitness class to anyone who’d like to join in. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to everyone to experience first-hand the benefit of fitness for personal growth and healing, while also introducing them to incredible fitness instructors and communities in their area that can help them develop over time. In the near future, we plan to build a factory in the United States and produce all of our products in-house and hire mainly military Veterans and their families.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Starting and running Virago has been a difficult process. I started the company with no capital, just a lot of support from friends and family and a lot of perseverance. I’ve had to wear many hats and go back to the drawing board many times, but I have learned so much through constant trial and error and reassessing the overall goal of what I was trying to accomplish. I think one of the biggest struggles so far has been learning

Sneak Peek : Virago Fitness Healthy Eating Guide

Here at Virago, we believe that wellness is a way of life. We don't believe in extreme dieting or crash diets for weight loss that you only practice for a certain period of time. Health and fitness is a lifestyle that you must commit to fully. Which means you should be eating for long-term health. That's why we are working on putting together the ultimate healthy eating guide. 

Virago believes in the power of healing and growth through health and fitness. With that being said, we want to provide our followers with the necessary tools to living a healthy life. However, it is also important to us to ensure we are offering the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible. Queue epic collaboration announcement: 

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Allie Hobson of Barefood Nutrition. Allie is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and while trained to provide programs and protocols to assist individuals in achieving their personal health goals, she wanted to create a basic alternative that anyone could follow to create long-term healthy eating habits. 

This project has been a long time in the making, and we are almost ready to release it. But first, we need your help! We want to make sure that we are giving you the guidance you need. 

This is what we need to know: 


Comment below with your answer or email us at

Thank you for your feedback! If you'd like to be notified about the launch - subscribe to our e-newsletter. 

Virago Gets Warrior Built


As soon as you march through the front doors of this two story warehouse turned sanctuary, you can't help but get the feeling that something amazing is being built in this converted space. Something even more astonishing than the massive off road vehicles and bad ass dirt bikes that proudly line the perimeter of the work area.  Here, the combat veterans who once directly benefited from this foundation's services are working tirelessly to change the way combat veterans see themselves and relate to their world upon returning home from war. This non-profit was built for veterans by veterans and continues to encourage the tightknit comradery that comes from military service, and #teamvirago was honored to be invited for a tour to meet the brave veterans behind this organization


The Warrior Built Foundation is a non-profit organization located in the city of Lake Elsinore that focuses on vocational and recreational therapy specifically for combat veterans. Their cornerstone project includes giving these men and women the opportunity to bond and open up with one another through the process of building vehicles which the WBF team of veterans then race in competitions. Outside of the therapeutic conversations that arise during these builds, working on every type of vehicle from " an off-road to a race car to a motorcycle, also gives them a chance to figure out if they want a future in the fabrication and mechanic industry" says founder and former marine, retired First Sargent Nick Hamm. The ultimate goal is to "foster an environment of healing, where great memories are born and new support systems are formed" and as far as #teamvirago is concerned from what we have seen, that goal has been achieved. 


 The therapeutic benefits of the mechanical projects are obvious both internally and socially for the former service members who come to WBF to find tranquility, but this facility is much more than just a garage. Their massive HQ  also includes a rock star worthy music studio where veterans are taught to play instruments by fellow veterans and are even encouraged to write their own music. The second floor of this sanctum also has a man cave where group therapy sessions are held. The man-cave amenities include access to computers, printers, snacks, gaming systems and a huge flat screen tv. This pillar for post traumatic growth even has an onsite gym filled with special equipment built to work best for people with major injuries or lingering physical pain from trauma. The foundation also organizes community events, awesome field trips, a new photography class, and even have programs to help "combat veterans pursue their desires to enter and compete in different types of action sports and races such as the Baja 1000 off-road race".

After #teamvirago toured the facility, Virago's founder, Brittney Hogan, was given the honor of being invited to sign the "wall of warriors" on behave of herself and her late husband, Marine LCpl Hunter Hogan. As she began to write their names, a few of the warriors began to choke up as their fallen brother's call sign was added to the list of survivors and fallen soldiers that embellished the wall. Seeing these amazing men honor the sacrifice that Hunter had made for our country was a big moment for our organization, and soon the visit became just as therapeutic for us as this foundation is for hundreds of combat veterans. 

We could not be more excited about this partnership and cannot wait to visit and work with them again!


Find their location and how you can participate or join them here! All branches are welcome! If you know a combat veteran who you think could benefit from the amazing work The Warrior Built Foundation is doing please pass on this information. #militaryallynetwork

Their Mission:




Virago Fitness Nonprofit Launch Party

A delicious spread of farm to table cuisine by  Little Mountain Farm Co

A delicious spread of farm to table cuisine by Little Mountain Farm Co

Brittney thanking all of the attendees for coming

Brittney thanking all of the attendees for coming

Allie Hobson of Barefood Nutrition, Brittney - founder of Virago Fitness, Chanel of Dames Collective, Megan of Virago Fitness

Allie Hobson of Barefood Nutrition, Brittney - founder of Virago Fitness, Chanel of Dames Collective, Megan of Virago Fitness

Graham Burkey and Brittney Hogan of Virago Fitness

Graham Burkey and Brittney Hogan of Virago Fitness

On Tuesday, July 18th, just as the nectarine-orange sunset came to a close, market lighting illuminated the industrial facade of the brewery where #TeamVirago gathered for the much anticipated Virago Fitness Non-Profit Launch Party! Like all things Virago, the energy of this brewery bash was electric with excitement to celebrate all that Virago Fitness has accomplished and all that Virago Fitness NPO plans to achieve. This party was also an opportunity to debut our newest programs which included F.I.T (Fitness is Therapy), the Virago Warrior initiative, and our sponsorship program which will include a three-month exercise schedule, a personal trainer, a nutrition plan and a regional support team.

Bitter Brothers Brewing Co, a local San Diego micro-brewery, not only donated their space, their service, and their beer but also provided the perfect ambiance to celebrate this socially conscious launch. The delicious organic appetizers were provided by the farmers and caterers of Little Mountain Farm Co and paired perfectly with the Bitter Brothers' beer. You could barely hear the six part raffle over the laughter and triumph of the night. Overall, it was a total success!

We owe special thanks to all the business who donated prizes for the raffle which included everything from a chocolate factory tour to free bike rentals and free fitness packages.   

Spark Cycle

Ontrack Wellness

Pacific Beach Bikes

Bitter Brothers Brewing Co


Setting Sun Dojo

This launch raised money and awareness about the benefits of fitness for post traumatic growth and would not have been such a success without the support of the fitness community, our amazing brand ambassadors, all who were in attendance and all of you who follow and support us from all over the world.  Explore our ever evolving website and discover other ways you can join the movement!

Check out the speech below where our fearless leader, visionary founder, and gold star wife Brittney Hogan tells her story and explains our mission. 

(Want to look #wonderwomanfeirce like our own super lady Brittney Hogan? Her launch party look and all of your favorite #mindbodywellness designs are available online and support access for post traumatic growth through fitness.)

Virago on Nationally Aired Interview with Montel Williams

Hi friends - Brittney Hogan here! 

A few weeks ago I was presented with an amazing opportunity. The Marine Corps Toys for Tots asked if I would like to be featured in a segment on the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Of course I said yes! 

Everyone involved was as sweet as could be. We had such a lovely time in Hollywood, and really enjoyed walking the red carpet. A huge thanks to Montel Williams for interviewing me. It was a pleasure to meet him! 

If you missed the interview, it is airing again on national television this Wednesday the 21 of December at 8PM/7PM CT on the Hallmark Channel and the CW.