We know how hard it can be to get into fitness. Especially in a large city like San Diego, there are so many types of fitness styles it can be quite intimidating. Where do I start? How much am I willing to spend? What amenities are included? What's my workout style? Is there something better out there I don't know about? 

Most people who are just starting out on their fitness journey tend to default to their local mega gym like 24Hour Fitness, or LA Fitness, etc. That's not always the best idea, though. Sometimes a little more guidance is needed to get the most bang for your buck and start seeing results. In order to make it a little easier for you, we spent the last month visiting just about every gym and fitness class in San Diego to bring you the best gyms and fitness classes in San Diego. We got a hands on experience and tried all of the classes and facilities out ourselves, and had a blast doing it!

We had the pleasure of meeting some amazing fitness instructors and gym owners, all with great stories and a deep passion for fitness and helping their community reach their ultimate health and wellness goals. Please check out each gym, class and instructor and decide which fitness option is the best for you! Start your fitness journey today!