Trilogy Sanctuary

Yards of emerald silk sway in the sun lit breeze from Trilogy Sanctuary's rooftop. It is a place where people can go escape the daily grind of life and find peace in this busy city. Hanging three stories up above downtown La Jolla, suspended in a cradle of silk, I have never felt so safe. Even if you are not a lover of yoga, Trilogy Sanctuary is a jewel in San Diego that is worth seeking out. From this roof top temple you can see the beaches of La Jolla and get a completely new perspective hanging upside down wrapped in silk during their famous Aerial Yoga class. This place is truly magical.

Beyond the steel structure that holds the aerial silks, the rooftop is also home to an exotic Arabian style lounge and a café with a fully vegan menu. “I love having the cafe as part of the studio because it creates a very strong sense of community as students get to hang out before or after class” says owner Leila Whitehead. The cafe is also home to a little gift shop where you can find yoga accessories that will express the fun and joy of the sanctuary. “It feels like it is a big family! Also the aerial classes are taught in a circle so you get to connect with the other students and you really feel like you are in it together!”

Community is a huge part of the Trilogy Sanctuary mind body and spirit experience. The studio is always hosting events that included everything from poetry reading and dance medicine to handstand workshops and fire dancing. This sanctum is constantly innovating its class schedule to include every type of yoga you can imagine including Lyra and Inferred Yoga. After one rooftop sun salutation you will be addicted. 

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Location: La Jolla

Address: 7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037

Intensity:  You try hoisting yourself five feet off the ground onto a giant metal hula hoop and balancing there and tell me that is not a ten on the intensity scale.

Class Size:  For Aerial Yoga there is a max of 8 spaces and classes are usually full


  • Several yoga classes to choose from
  • Aerial yoga / Lyra yoga
  • Beautiful ocean views from rooftop
  • Vegan Cafe
  • Lounge area where you can eat, use wifi and watch yoga classes in session
  • Aerial Teacher Training
  • Yoga for kids
  • Private Classes
  • Great Hugs and Inviting Community
  • Positive spirit and rejuvenating vibe

Cost: Aerial Yoga Drop in - $24 / View prices & packages here.


The Little Yoga Studio

The Little Yoga Studio feels like a Vinyasa Speak-easy. Walk too fast past the corner of 8th and Ash and you might miss it. The Little Yoga Studio is a true local gem nestled on a hill overlooking Downtown San Diego. There are no big flashy signs, no fast paced advertisements; even in the middle of the bustling city, the space has been built to feel tranquil.

Although this atelier is only a one room studio, there is a lot of room for stretching and extension because the class sizes are kept small. Don't let the adjective in its name discourage you. The high ceilings and long tinted windows make the studio feel open and encourage deep breathing.

“This is a special studio. It's so tiny, so quaint, so boutique that everyone gets adjustments and a personal experience" says instructor Melissa. "It is very intimate."

The Classes are held throughout the day everyday but in the evening the studio transforms by candle light. The rushlight infused class feels like you're being transported to a 16th century temple in Tibet, and makes the buddah shrine in the corner ethereal.  “I teach an intense class, don't let the candle light fool you. I like to teach an athletic Vinyasa. I find that intense classes help to quiet the mind.”

TLYS specializes in Vinyasa Flow style yoga which is a style that concentrates on strength and fast paced movements through different positions. Each instructor has the freedom to experiment with the music, so leave your audio expectations at the door. This is just another technique this studio uses to keep you on your toes.

This studio is simple but dynamic, and is a perfect place for anyone who is passionate about yoga and its multidimensional benefits.

“You have the space. The space is yours.”

Get there early as parking can be difficult to find depending on what time of the day you are Downtown.

Location: Downtown

Address: 702 Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Class Size: 12 Max

Intensity Level: Vinyasa Powerflow. Start at one of their introductory classes and work toward Candle Light Yoga to mark your progress.


  • Yoga Matts for Rent or Purchase
  • Candle Light Vinayasa for all levels
  • Wide variety of class styles that include Ashtanga and Deep Rest yoga
  • Teacher trainings
  • Special events
  • Workshops to continue your education

    Cost: Drop in $16. View pricing and specials here.