Bliss Paddle San Diego

Need to take a break from your typical yoga practice? Imagine stretching into a one-legged downward facing dog to see a sail boat drift by on the emerald water behind you. Paddle Board Yoga on Mission Bay is a class that is just as amazing as it sounds. Bliss Paddle has brought together two epic elements with this signature class that incorporates a crash course stand up paddle instruction and a yoga class that will expand your perception of what your practice can consist of.

“I love the idea of a floating yoga mat.” Says Dana Mitchell, a yoga instructor with a voice as delightful and calming as a spring shower. “[In this class] nature is your studio.”

You might think that the movement of the water under your board would be distracting but it is actually very meditative and allows you to be even more present in your practice than you may find yourself during an indoor class. The extra element of having to constantly calibrate your balance is also an amazing core exercise in itself.

“As SUP yoga teachers you must be adaptable to all conditions that mother nature throws at you. No two classes are ever the same, and you can try to be prepared but then the wind picks up, the water gets choppy but as long as your students have a smile on their face... that is all that matters”, says Dana.

This is also a great experience if you have not gotten in the water yet this year. Whether you are a yoga expert or a paddle board pro, you will probably end up getting a splash or two during your shavasana or going head first into the water while transitioning to a warrior pose, and it is an extremely liberating feeling. “You definitely have to check your ego at the shore” giggles Dana. “Come prepared to laugh, to smile and maybe get a little wet.”

Not yet ready to incorporate a vinyasa flow into your Paddle board routine yet? Bliss Paddle of San Diego also offers tours around the bay, 1 hour instructional and freestyle rentals.

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Location : San Diego Branch is in Mission Bay

Address: 4000 Fanuel St, San Diego, CA 92109

Class Size: Maximum of 10

Intensity Level: All poses can be modified depending how comfortable you feel but the unpredictability of the water can make this class a day at the beach or a level 10 challenge.

" This too shall pass " is a reminder that the calm still water will soon be shifted by the wind, and the choppy waters will soon be settled by the passing of the storm.


  • Paddle Lesson and Tour
  • 1 Hour Paddle Board Rental
  • Private Paddle Lesson
  • Teacher Training
  • Retreats
  • Paddle Boards for Rent or Sale
  • Annual Virago Fitness Mimosas and Paddle Board Party (Sign Up Here)

Cost: $20 for 1-hour paddle board rental, and $35 for yoga class on paddle board

Website: www.blisspaddleyoga.com/

Trilogy Sanctuary

Yards of emerald silk sway in the sun lit breeze from Trilogy Sanctuary's rooftop. It is a place where people can go escape the daily grind of life and find peace in this busy city. Hanging three stories up above downtown La Jolla, suspended in a cradle of silk, I have never felt so safe. Even if you are not a lover of yoga, Trilogy Sanctuary is a jewel in San Diego that is worth seeking out. From this roof top temple you can see the beaches of La Jolla and get a completely new perspective hanging upside down wrapped in silk during their famous Aerial Yoga class. This place is truly magical.

Beyond the steel structure that holds the aerial silks, the rooftop is also home to an exotic Arabian style lounge and a café with a fully vegan menu. “I love having the cafe as part of the studio because it creates a very strong sense of community as students get to hang out before or after class” says owner Leila Whitehead. The cafe is also home to a little gift shop where you can find yoga accessories that will express the fun and joy of the sanctuary. “It feels like it is a big family! Also the aerial classes are taught in a circle so you get to connect with the other students and you really feel like you are in it together!”

Community is a huge part of the Trilogy Sanctuary mind body and spirit experience. The studio is always hosting events that included everything from poetry reading and dance medicine to handstand workshops and fire dancing. This sanctum is constantly innovating its class schedule to include every type of yoga you can imagine including Lyra and Inferred Yoga. After one rooftop sun salutation you will be addicted. 

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Location: La Jolla

Address: 7650 Girard Ave #400, La Jolla, CA 92037

Intensity:  You try hoisting yourself five feet off the ground onto a giant metal hula hoop and balancing there and tell me that is not a ten on the intensity scale.

Class Size:  For Aerial Yoga there is a max of 8 spaces and classes are usually full


  • Several yoga classes to choose from
  • Aerial yoga / Lyra yoga
  • Beautiful ocean views from rooftop
  • Vegan Cafe
  • Lounge area where you can eat, use wifi and watch yoga classes in session
  • Aerial Teacher Training
  • Yoga for kids
  • Private Classes
  • Great Hugs and Inviting Community
  • Positive spirit and rejuvenating vibe

Cost: Aerial Yoga Drop in - $24 / View prices & packages here.

Website: www.trilogysanctuary.com

Hotel Del Coronado Spin Class

As if you need any other reason to love the Hotel Del Coronado, their Fitness Center is now a formidable stop in the San Diego workout circuit. Beach Spin at the Del is quickly becoming one of their most popular amenities.

As you walk to the back of the famous victorian style hotel you see a battalion of stationary bikes perched on top of the most perfect grassy green knoll. You pick up the state of the art Beats By Dre headphones that are already playing the most motivational music you've heard all week and mount your bike. The veiw from your bike seat overlooks the white sand beach and glistening marine water that this island has become so well known for.  Welcome to spin class Del Coronado.

“You can’t beat the view, the cool morning air, and the awesome music in the headphones – it’s such a fun concept” says Hotel Del Fitness instructor Veronica Rohan. The workout itself is a heart pounding 45 min cycle that leaves you feeling like you just completed the tour de france.

The Fitness center staff is as friendly and as helpful as you would expect when you visit this four star hotel, and offer to adjust your bike seat to your height perfectly without even having to ask.  Hand towels, complimentary Gatorade and bottled waters are strapped to your bike throughout the class in this sun soaked setting. This class is available to both guests of the hotel and anyone who wants to take spin to a new level. Whether you are an international visitor, or a local on a stay-cation you are welcome to experience spin classes on one of the top ten beaches in America.

We had the pleasure of taking Donavan Soriano's spin class, who was rated San Diego's best Spin Class Instructor of 2015, and we now understand why. His energy is contagious, and even though the class's intensity level is high, he makes you feel like you're all in it together and you can reach levels you never thought you could. Hotel Del's Spin Class was truly exhilarating. 

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Location: Coronado Island

Address: 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Class Size: Spin Class – 30 people

Intensity Level: Medium - High


  • Spin Class on the Beach
  • Mermaid Fitness
  • Full Gym Access for Hotel Guests which includes:
  • Pilates
  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Circuit work
  • Core conditioning
  • Body sculpting
  • Zumba

    Cost: $20 per class ($15 for locals with photo ID / $10 for Club Resort Members

Website: www.hoteldel.com