High Intensity

On Track Wellness

Many people give up on their fitness journey because they just don't have the time to take a full hour out of their day to workout. An hour is a lot of time no matter what career you have, not including the travel time to get to your chosen place of fitness worship. As someone who spent most of his life in the corporate world, On Track Wellness owner Nate Church, wanted to create a program that was fast and effective. The classes are only 30 minutes but they are intense. On Track is all about giving you the most bang for your buck and the most movement for your minute. Keeping the class size small is also a fundamental aspect of the OTW experience.

“I love our Thursday morning session of HIIT and Run followed by Deep Stretch” says Church about his personal favorite. "It gives you a 30 minute intense total body workout with cardio, core, strength and agility in an efficient class followed by our deep stretch class which is perfect for everyone as few people stretch enough. I take that class myself every week. It is taught by our yoga instructor. You get the best of everything in one efficient morning.”

The short maximum intensity classes also increase the amount of classes available for you to take. No matter if you work mornings, afternoons, or both, there is always a class time available. On Track Wellness is also known for their private training, so if by some stroke of misfortune you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you can always sign up for some one-on-one fitness instruction. Just starting out and feeling a little nervous to try a new fitness regiment in front of a new class? They offer semi-private training for you and 2-3 other people of your choosing. Another perk OTW offers is that your first class is always FREE!

OnTrack Wellness is committed to its community and their team will do everything and anything they can to help you reach your fitness goal.

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Location: Cali Coast Elite

Address: 2004 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110

Class Size:  4-8 people per session is average to maintain the semi-private feel of the program

Intensity: Hells Bells is kettle-hell but your arms will look like machine guns after your 3rd class.


  • 6 Week Transformation
  • Learn how to break a board
  • Group Fitness
  • Semi Private Group Training
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Acuball Sessions for muscles and joint recovery

    Cost: (Varies) View class schedule and prices here.

Website: www.ontrackwellness.com

Hotel Del Coronado Spin Class

As if you need any other reason to love the Hotel Del Coronado, their Fitness Center is now a formidable stop in the San Diego workout circuit. Beach Spin at the Del is quickly becoming one of their most popular amenities.

As you walk to the back of the famous victorian style hotel you see a battalion of stationary bikes perched on top of the most perfect grassy green knoll. You pick up the state of the art Beats By Dre headphones that are already playing the most motivational music you've heard all week and mount your bike. The veiw from your bike seat overlooks the white sand beach and glistening marine water that this island has become so well known for.  Welcome to spin class Del Coronado.

“You can’t beat the view, the cool morning air, and the awesome music in the headphones – it’s such a fun concept” says Hotel Del Fitness instructor Veronica Rohan. The workout itself is a heart pounding 45 min cycle that leaves you feeling like you just completed the tour de france.

The Fitness center staff is as friendly and as helpful as you would expect when you visit this four star hotel, and offer to adjust your bike seat to your height perfectly without even having to ask.  Hand towels, complimentary Gatorade and bottled waters are strapped to your bike throughout the class in this sun soaked setting. This class is available to both guests of the hotel and anyone who wants to take spin to a new level. Whether you are an international visitor, or a local on a stay-cation you are welcome to experience spin classes on one of the top ten beaches in America.

We had the pleasure of taking Donavan Soriano's spin class, who was rated San Diego's best Spin Class Instructor of 2015, and we now understand why. His energy is contagious, and even though the class's intensity level is high, he makes you feel like you're all in it together and you can reach levels you never thought you could. Hotel Del's Spin Class was truly exhilarating. 

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Location: Coronado Island

Address: 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Class Size: Spin Class – 30 people

Intensity Level: Medium - High


  • Spin Class on the Beach
  • Mermaid Fitness
  • Full Gym Access for Hotel Guests which includes:
  • Pilates
  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Circuit work
  • Core conditioning
  • Body sculpting
  • Zumba

    Cost: $20 per class ($15 for locals with photo ID / $10 for Club Resort Members

Website: www.hoteldel.com