FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa

I have never smiled so often and so intensely during a workout as I did when we got the opportunity to crash a class at FitBody Boot Camp Kearney Mesa. As a new-comer to the class I immediately felt like I had been taking class there for months. My classmates, who when I walked in were already in deep conversation and hurriedly exchanging hugs, immediately introduced themselves and welcomed me in like I was a regular. Throughout the intense 2 round circuit class that included everything from pushing a weighted sled on astro-turf, to a sledge hammer station, everyone was laughing, high-fiving, and encouraging each other by name. Owner and instructor, Chris Wahlenmaier, has created a true fitness family with her very individual centered take on wellness.

“Many of our members are military and military spouses with many career and family obligations to attend to before and after their workouts. We even have a few members whose partners are deployed right now” said Chris, and she has worked hard to build a place where they can feel loved and inspired.

“I have lost so much weight this year sticking to the FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa program” says member Kim (name changed for privacy). “When my husband was deployed at the beginning of the year I was so lonely. I was drinking six XL sodas a day and spending so much time alone at home missing him. After joining FitBody Bootcamp Kearny Mesa I found myself coming in for class twice a day, not only to keep up with my fitness goals, but to see my friends and spend time with the people who I have met here that have helped me get through this time in my life. I haven't had soda in months!”

The walls are painted the bold patriotic colors of a true Virago club house and are covered in motivational fitness quotes and jokes that will have you laughing at every circuit station (to maximize the abdominal and core aspect of each workout, of course). The atmosphere may leave you feeling warm and cuddly but the workouts are no joke. The cozy one room space is only a year old, so the equipment is brand new and the bootcamps incorporate all the latest and most effective exercises to maximize results like weight loss and increased stamina. After a class here you will leave feeling sore, sweaty and empowered.

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Location: Kearny Mesa

Address: 5150 Murphy Canyon Road #107, San Diego, CA 92123

Class Size: 5-10 people in each class allows you to get a personal trainer feeling at a reasonable price.

Intensity level: Non Stop circuit training with cardio, weights, box jumps and sledge hammers will shock your muscles during the first class and keep you scaling up for the rest of the year.


  • Lounge Area for Pre and Post Workout Socializing
  • Personalized weight loss program
  • Play area for kids

Cost: Try FitBody FREE for 3 Days! Prices are not listed on the website, but you can try it free and if you like it, speak to your instructor about becoming a member.