House of Crossfit

By taking a class at House of Crossfit, you are making a pact with yourself to push your body past any expectations you had previously set for yourself. You will lift and move in ways you did not know you could, and it is the most empowering feeling. After working out with HOCF I can understand the Crossfit buzz that has taken over the fitness community.

These WOD's (Work Out of the Day) are intense, well thought out, and monitored intensely by the instructors. “Hour long classes are structured in a manner that promotes group fitness while providing for individual coaching.” Says owner and instructor Sarah. “You are guaranteed to never have a three-day period repeat itself. By no means are we random, rather, constantly varied to help you prepare for anything life throws your way. Gone are the days of the same old boring gym routine.”

The workout was a challenge from the moment the high intensity music kicked in to the last clink of the last barbell drop. “We utilize music and coaching cues to motivate athletes and rely on mechanics to make the good, better and the better, best.” And the team mentality brings out the highest level of effort in everyone in the class. Instead of the owner-member dynamic you find at most gyms, HOCF fosters a coach-athlete relationship that makes attaining your fitness goal an obstacle primed to be overcome.

“At HOCF, we demand the highest level of coaching from our trainers and 100% effort from our athletes.” Owner and instructor Sarah was right there perfecting my technique and encouraging me to push myself. During one of the last rounds she offered to let me sit out a set but I just couldn't do it. Death before do not finish. “All of our members have a common goal; to be a part of a community and not “just a gym". We embrace a community approach towards fitness via relationships amongst members, trainers and their respective families. They often come early and typically stay late. There is something about cheering on the last athlete and offering a friendly high five after a PR that is an environment you will not experience anywhere else.” As one of the last athletes to finish, I can tell you if felt amazing to have this whole gym cheering me on as I finished my last rep, and the huge yell we all let out when I slammed my barbell on the ground made the gym feel electric.


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Location: Carlsbad

Address: 3146 Tiger Run Ct. #120, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Class Size: 8-10 is our class average but weekends can have as many as 20 people in a session

Intensity Level: Get ready to be trained like and Olympic athlete.


  • Hero WOD's - Special workout to raise awareness of veteran suicides
  • Cubbies for your belongings
  • Restrooms
  • On site parking
  • All training equipment provided
  • Crossfit community and camaraderie 

Cost: First class is FREE! View pricing and memberships here.