Bulgarian Bag

Point Loma Fitness continues to bring the lastest and greatest in fitness to their members, and one of the newest classes they have added to their instructional roster may look a little unconventional, but is definitely worth checking out. At 9:15 am every Wednesday, instructor Willie will go straight pastoral on your butt in his Bulgarian Bag class.

Bulgarian bag was invented in 2005 to help Olympic wrestlers improve the speed and accuracy of the dynamic and explosive movements that would make them stand out in the competition. This unconventional looking piece of equipment was actually inspired by the infamous Bulgarian shepherds that use to strength train with sheep on their shoulders. Often times they would have to carry a weak or injured animal while with their herd and this became a display of strength in Bulgarian culture. The ovine shape of the bag pays homage to that tradition.

Modern day wrestlers use it to simulate and improve throws, grapples, and full body strength training. This exercise feels awkward at first but by the end of this class you'll feel strong enough to take on any Bulgarian hill-man. When we left Point Loma Fitness we had the type of wrestler's confidence that makes you want to go out and join a local fight club, but we were so sore that our bodies felt like we had been put inside of the Bulgarian bag and beaten severely. This class will shake up any fitness routine that's starting to feel overdone and will strengthen muscles in your back and forearms that you never even knew existed.

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Location: Point Loma Sports Club

Address: 2751 Roosevelt Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92106

Class Size(s): Classes vary 5-10 people

Intensity Level: High Intensity

Cost: Included in Point Loma Sports Club Gym Membership (not available to the public)

Click here to sign up for a FREE Day Pass! PLSC does not post prices online. You have to go in and experience the gym for yourself and talk to them about memberships. I must tell you, it is surprisingly inexpensive for all of the amazing perks this gym comes with. Definitely worth it! 

Website: www.plsportsclub.com