Performance 360 - Pacific Beach

If you are looking for a Pacific Beach Gym come check out this place out.

One of the most amazing classes I have taken during our Month of fitness challenge was definitely the Mobility Class at Performance 360 which was a class that solely encouraged us to slow down, get a deep stretch and to listen to our bodies. It was exactly what I needed after a day of Lyra Yoga and Strength Training. It was a solid hour of rolling out muscles using foam rollers, tennis balls, low impact yoga movement, and wooden poles.

After most circuit boot camps or weightlifting classes, you are always encouraged to take a few minutes to release the lactic acid build up you have accumulated. But how often do any of us stick around to indulge in a deep stretch? The Mobility Class was not only therapeutic but also gave the trainer a chance to break down movements that are too often done incorrectly to explain why a muscle is tight or why a move may feel ineffective. "Unlike other gyms we encourage our members to incorporate rest days into their workouts," says coach Juliana Russel. "The Mobility Class is a great way to prepare your body for a day of rest." I have never experienced anything like it and I have to say that this class literally saved me from a weekend of stiff muscles and a non-stop regiment of Tylenol. Even if you do not get a chance to make it there for the workout that precedes it, this class alone is worth checking out Performance 360 Pacific Beach.

Check out how Performance 360 grew from a 5 member boathouse gym, to a legion of fitness lovers determined to use everyday as an opportunity to #BecomeMore on their Crown Point profile!

Location:  Crown Point  2620 Ingraham Street Suite B, San Diego CA 92109

                 Pacific Beach 4515 Gresham Street, San Diego CA 92109

Class size: Each Location has a cap of 300 members, but with 30-45 min classes every half hour they are able to keep the class size between 18-20 people on average.

Intensity: Two words...Explosive training! “It doesn’t make sense to set a pace and move through the circuit and each muscle movement at that same lumbering pace for 30 min” says trainer Juliana. “When you step up to a box or a bar or a latter, you need to feel like your brain and body are ready to explode into the task set before you.“ For the gyms Daily Challenge class they employ a technique that encourages moving at stead pace between each exercise and then when you get to the next station going balls in. There is an ideal completion WOD time but everyone is encouraged to forget about the clock, or the number of reps and to concentrate on the explosive movements of each station.