Performance 360 - Crown Point

Performance 360’s Crown Point location is literally feet away from the water and the back wall is all windows, so even when you aren’t sprinting along the seaport’s edge, you can get an amazing harbor view. With an atmosphere boasting a harbor breeze and encouraging phrases on each wall, Performance 360 at Crown Point makes you want to get up and give each work out 100%. However, just a few short years ago its original gym was far from glamorous.

They started out on a self-described “dirty old house boat” with nothing but a hand full of members and a determination to build a program that was based on education and safety instead of quick results. If you ask owners, Dave Thomas and Brian Pritz, they candidly admit that they were considered the joke of the local fitness community when their first location opened. Flash forward to 2016, they have innovated the fitness scene with two great locations in Pacific Beach and Crown Point, and a fitness model centered on education, safety, community, and #BecomingMore, instead of competition.

By joining this gym you are making a commitment, and they make sure you know they are making a commitment in you. Even though Performance 360 is no longer on a house boat they still run a tight ship that includes a very strict “onboarding process” that includes a mandatory number of hours in a one-on-one training session, or at the Dailey Challenge Bootcamp before you can join advanced classes. They have a preset list of goals to teach the fundamentals of explosive movement and Olympic weightlifting to allow you and the coaches you will be relying on to get to know your body. If you think you have what it takes you can even try to test out of the beginners course, but just know these coaches do not mess around with technique and will bump you down to the beginning if they notice that you are about to blow your back out with a kettlebell.

This gym cares passionately about its members. Check out Brian and Dave’s very candid podcast before you sign up, for a little taste of Performance 360’s culture straight from the horse’s mouth. 

Location:  Crown Point  2620 Ingraham Street Suite B, San Diego CA 92109

                 Pacific Beach 4515 Gresham Street, San Diego CA 92109

Class size: Each Location has a cap of 300 members, but with 30-45 min classes every half hour they are able to keep the class size between 18-20 people on average.

Intensity: Two words...Explosive training! “It doesn’t make sense to set a pace and move through the circuit and each muscle movement at that same lumbering pace for 30 min” says trainer Juliana. “When you step up to a box or a bar or a latter, you need to feel like your brain and body are ready to explode into the task set before you.“ For the gyms Daily Challenge class they employ a technique that encourages moving at stead pace between each exercise and then when you get to the next station going balls in. There is an ideal completion WOD time but everyone is encouraged to forget about the clock, or the number of reps and to concentrate on the explosive movements of each station.