Bootique Fitness

At 6 am the egg-yolk yellow San Diego sunrise reflects off of the metallic windows of the Downtown skyscrapers and covers the marina in a warm light that turns the water into a sea of gold and green. If you are part of the 6:00 am dawn patrol workout brought to you by Bootique Fitness, you are already breaking a sweat before the sun crests the horizon. If you can survive this very intense workout before most people have a chance to finish their morning coffee, you know it's going to be a great day.

Bootique Fitness, by definition, is a boutique experience. The classes are small and powerful and cater to a very specific type of clientele because Bootique Fitness is a women's only bootcamp based fitness program. In a "man's world" Bootique Fitness gives women the opportunity to push their fitness expectations beyond society's preconceived notions about female fitness in the company of other ladies.  

"A lot of women I've talked with (including myself once upon a time) felt intimidated by most gyms and fitness programs", says instructor and founder Jaylin Allen. "I wanted to create a program that gave these women a reason not to feel intimidated. Since our Personal Training Groups are exclusively for women, we are able to target women's trouble areas more directly than co-ed classes tend to."

 They teach over 25 classes each week in six different locations in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in San Diego, including a Dance Fitness Party that put's your mother's zumba class to shame. They keep the steps easy and the energy high. It's all the best parts about going out to a dance party with your girl friends without creepy guys trying to buy you drinks. "I love Dancing!" screams Jaylin. "Being able to teach Dance Fitness Party is seriously a dream come true."

The Dance Fitness party is a great cardio alternative after a rough Wednesday at work when going to any other gym would feel impossible because your just too worn down.

"Having the classes outside in different parks and inspirational spaces will also shake up your routine. It's hard to beat nature." Says Allen "We're surrounded by water, trees, birds, fresh air, sunshine, refreshing breezes... We are so blessed here in San Diego that we can enjoy the weather year round. In our various outdoor locations, we like to use what's around us like benches, curbs, trees, etc. which adds a fun element of variety. "

The world is your gym when you train with Bootique Fitness.

Location : 6 Different Locations to choose from all around San Diego! Click here to find the closest location to you!

Class Size: "That varies between types of classes but we like to keep all of our classes pretty small so that everyone gets attention and has plenty of room to move. Our yoga classes and Personal Training Group classes are limited to 15 but they average about 8 per class. Dance Fitness Party averages 20 students."

Intensity: Work out like Wonder woman and prepare for a non stop high intensity class no matter what location you are in.