Point Loma Sports Club

“You need a third place. A place outside of work, a place outside of home, where you can come and recharge.”

Point Loma Sport's Club owner Gary Rubin has built his temple of wellness on this foundation, and Point Loma Sports Club is that place. As soon as you enter you feel like you have escaped the soul crushing traffic of the 5, and the world of airplanes going over your head. You feel like, for a moment, you can take off all the hats you wear everyday (mother, husband, manager, house keeper) and completely devote yourself to your body's wellness.

The second thing you'll feel is that you're part of the culture. A culture of people that give a damn about themselves and you. The trainers care about you and they care about your personal fitness aspirations. The owner cares about you and Gary Rubin can often be found walking through the different fitness rooms, handing people cool eucalyptus soaked towels and giving out high-fives.

This facility is the future of gym life. The equipment is all new and spread out so that when you begin your work out you have space to extend, instead of the usual rows and rows of tightly packed weight machines that make you feel like a cow on an industrial fitness farm. The cardio machines all have Internet access and even display scrolling banners on the touch screen that show the exercise accomplishments of your fellow gym mates who used that same machine earlier in the week.

The entrance way creates a buffer between this fitness sanctuary and the stress of life outside with waterfalls trickling in the background and every door opening to a new fitness possibility. There is a weight room, spin studio, yoga room, blue light stretching sanctuary, and a cross training room that has everything from sleds and astroturf, to silk ropes hanging from the ceiling. They even provide full-time day care in a room most adults would want to hang out in after work.

The classes are also far from standard. Along side the glow in the dark cycle class, core blaster, and yoga, the instructional roster also includes out of the box fitness experience like Bulgarian Bag and one on one aerial yoga instruction.

“My favorite class taught at Point Loma Sports Club is the Sunday 9am cycle because it always has such amazing energy.” says Group Fitness Director Crystal Richter. “The class is packed with people who love exercise so much they are willing to wake up early on Sunday morning to rock their legs and burn calories with a group of like minded people. “

And this sports club is all about the people. Every new member inquiry begins with a tour of the entire facility and a free day pass, which is genius because once you go in you won't want to leave.

I have never had a more diverse fitness experience in one place.

Location : Point Loma

Address: 2751 Roosevelt Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92106

Class Size(s): Classes vary from 10 to 20 people.

Cycling - 20
Restorative Yogas - 20
Vinyasa/Hatha Yogas - 12
Pilates - 15
Body Pump - 20
Circuit/TRX's - 20
Core - 10

Intensity Level: High Intensity

Your t-shirt will be soaked after any group class from these high intensity fitness envoirnment, but those just getting into or back into fitness should not be scared. Classes are centered around students not competition and trainers will always suggest movements to intensify or scale back work outs.

Cost: You Get What You Pay For (price list here)


  • Full Use of Dynamic Group Class Schedule
  • Refrigerator for of cold Eucalyptus Infused Towels
  • Full Men's and Women's Locker room with sauna
  • Stretching Sanctuary
  • Personal Training
  • Daycare

Cost: Click here to sign up for a FREE Day Pass! PLSC does not post prices online. You have to go in and experience the gym for yourself and talk to them about memberships. I must tell you, it is surprisingly inexpensive for all of the amazing perks this gym comes with. Definitely worth it! 

Website: www.plsportsclub.com