Name: Mika Leah

Nickname: Miks

What is your dream job? 
President of Goomi

Home-town: Irvine

Fitness Tip: Yoga is not about tightening your ass. It's about getting your head out of it.

What are some causes or organizations close to your heart?
The Dream Foundation. The organization grants wishes to adults battling terminal illness. 

Tell us about a time you turned struggle into strength: 
On my 33rd birthday I found myself breathless with chest pains. Cardiologist's tests revealed the main artery of my heart was 98% blocked. 5 years & 5 stents later, I beat the odds and took what I learned to help others. My experience was the inspiration for Goomi, a business that brings on-site wellness sessions such as fitness, meditation, massage, and nutrition. We believe that a balanced life is possible for everybody. Our mission is to help people feel better and think better, so they can lead better; better lives, better organizations, better communities, and ultimately a better world!

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