Name: Michael Douglass

Nickname: That depends on who you ask. Some clients in the gym refer to me as Dr. Pain.

What is your dream job? Fighter Pilot.

Home-town: Fairfield, California

Fitness Tip: My secret is - Stop eating like shit! Don't tell anyone though! On a serious note, you have to get motivated. Learning what to eat, what not to eat, and when to eat it is easy. The difficult part is getting your head straight. The key is finding what motivates you, and turning that into positive reinforcement to create healthy habits.

What are some causes or organizations that are close to your heart? Dominic's Designated Driver is a non-profit that is very close to my heart. Its mission is to educate people on the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as incentivize people to step up and take the role of the designated driver for the night. They have partnered with bars and restaurants in the Stockton and Modesto area, creating incentives like free beverages and appetizers for designated drivers wearing the orange DDD wrist bands. The organization was created by my wife a few years ago after her younger brother was tragically killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver. 

Tell us about a time you turned struggle into strength: Until recently, I didn't realize how much fitness could impact the way I deal with the stress of life. Last December, my wife and I were faced with the horrifying reality that we would be forced to deliver our twins at an age just shy of viability. We became proud first time parents that had to mourn the death of both of our children at the same time. Never before had I been forced to make such tough decisions in my life. This event led me to be hit with a flurry of intense mixed emotions that to this day, are still difficult to deal with. Being a boxing instructor at Xplicit Fitness, I quickly realized that the intense training and constructive aggression toward the bag was a great way for me to tame those emotions. Although I don't utilize boxing in my training everyday, I have learned over time to recognize when I'm not being myself, and then it's time to hit it hard...literally. As time goes on, the waves of emotion will become less frequent and less intense, but there will always be stress in my life that I am forced to deal with. I take comfort in knowing that I always have boxing as a stress reliever when I need it most.

* Michael and his wife, Mia, are currently expecting. The baby is healthy and is due in December.